The best Phantom drone for photography? The clear winner is the DJI Phantom 3 professional. Also the favorite Phantom quadcopter for video, the drone remains one of DJI’s most popular options. Since we’ve delved into the many spectacular features of this quadcopter numerous times, let’s check out what others have to say about why it rocks:

From Tom’s Guide: 

If you want to take pictures while aloft or get the first-person pilot experience, get the DJI Phantom 3. For about $1,200, you get a ready-to-fly quadcopter drone, complete with 14-megapixel camera with 4K, 1080p 30 fps or 720p 60 fps HD video capture. The camera is held under the quadcopter body and can tilt independently, allowing you to track an object while flying over it.

A remote control is included, and the Phantom 3 professional can send video back to a smartphone or tablet over a separate Wi-Fi connection, so you can see what is being recorded. If you loose the control connection, the Phantom 3 will automatically try to return to where it took off. Plus, the large and easily swappable 5200 mAh battery offers a company-claimed 25 minutes of flight time: significantly longer than most. (The site named the quadcopter “the best camera drone.”) 


For semi professionals personal drones users who want to add a bit more to their repertoire this is ideal. It’s a lot less expensive that the S1000 and comes with everything ready to go straight out of the box. If you feel that 1080P 60fps footage is good enough for your needs then this is probably the quadcopter you want. Great Gimbal camera, easy to control and smooth footage make this a great buy for many people. We would say this is the best quadcopter available at the moment due to its price and functionality.


The camera, designed in-house by DJI, captures to a microSD card. You get a live preview from the app, though, making framing a shot, changing modes and snapping still photos a breeze.