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Drone software is designed to provide the extra help and control you want when flying a quadcopter. The latest drones from brands such as DJI and 3D Robotics generally come with apps, as major brands are scrambling to provide enthusiasts with the most user-friendly quadcopter experience they possibly can.

The best software for drones is that which dramatically enhances your ability to control the quadcopter, both in terms of flight and taking/editing images and video. With that in mind let’s check out some of the coolest drone software currently available:

Director Software and App From DJI

The new director software from DJI functions as a built-in video editor. It allows you to create videos quickly and share them instantly, which includes picking and choosing the best parts of a flight. The software, which is part of the fully-functional DJI Inspire app, also makes it possible to create a “complete” video featuring text, music, and other fun stuff. It includes templates as well.

Additionally, the drone app includes YouTube live streaming capabilities as well as live map and radar, flight telemetry, and much more. It allows you to change every camera setting, customize the remote control as you see fit, and ensure easy takeoff and landing among other nifty stuff.

DroneKit From 3D Robotics

DroneKit is a software option from 3D Robotics that makes it possible to create apps for your quadcopter. A homogeneous API “from ground to air to cloud,” DroneKit allows you to interact with all 3DR vehicles “at all levels.” Featuring professional-level tools so you can build applications on mobile, web, and desktop platforms, it’s even being upgraded to support new languages.

The best drone software for you depends on what you’re looking for in a quadcopter. However, the ability to fully edit your videos and images is pretty darn great, so do your research before purchasing a drone that doesn’t come with software. Be sure to check out our guide to drone manual before changing any of your drone software.


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