Drone operations rise at night are challenging, for obvious reasons. Payloads add to the power of UAVs during these conditions– and that’s what the newly launched Tundra Drone Matrix 10 is here for. Designed to integrate with the DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise drones, it’s making waves with its powerful light output. 

Unveiled on May 13th 2024, for applications in emergency response, security surveillance, or environmental monitoring, here’s what it brings on board:

• 10,000 Lumens: Lights up large spaces, making sure everything is visible, even in pitch-dark conditions.

• Built for DJI: Specifically made for DJI Mavic 3T and DJI Mavic 3E drones, ensuring easy installation and smooth operation.

• Expansive View: Offers a wide beam that covers a large area, helping you stay aware of your surroundings.

Thanks to its compatibility with the DJI PSDK port, users can install and start operating the light without any technical headaches.

And just how bright is it? For perspective:

- Standard household light bulb: 800 to 1,600 lumens.

- Car headlight: 1,000 to 3,000 lumens. 

- Outdoor Lighting (like floodlights used in sports arenas or large public spaces): 10,000 lumens

For the weight, it clocks 130 grams, maintaining the drone’s agility and maneuverability in the air. The LEDs are positioned to align with the drone’s camera, minimizing glare and enhancing visibility. This strategic alignment allows for clearer, more focused images and videos without the distraction of light bouncing back into the lens.

Booster packs are available to prolong flight times to match the demands of your specific missions. Soon, the brand plans to provide different booster pack sizes, allowing you to tailor your setup precisely to the requirements of each task at hand.

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Who the Matrix 10 is Best For

First Responder Operations

The Tundra Drone Matrix 10 can illuminate the entire late-night accident scenes, making it possible for paramedics to assess and manage the situation efficiently. Firefighters navigating through smoke or debris at night find that the intense beam from the Matrix 10 cuts through the darkness, providing a easier view of the hazards and victims alike.

For police officers arriving at an emergency, the enhanced visibility can help them secure the area faster and more safely, identifying potential threats or necessary paths of action without the usual hindrance of shadows and low light. The Matrix 10, therefore, not only enhances safety but also improves the effectiveness of these first responders in crucial moments.

Search and Rescue Missions

Traditional search methods become perilously ineffective in night conditions - like hikers getting lost in mountains after the sun sets. However, equipped with the Matrix 10, search and rescue teams can light up vast stretches of terrain from above, spotting signs of the lost individual that would otherwise remain hidden in the darkness.

This cuts down the time needed to locate and reach someone who may be injured or unable to move, significantly improving the odds of a successful rescue. The wide-angle beam coupled with the drone’s maneuverability, makes those difficult terrains become less daunting.

Law Enforcement and Security

Law enforcement officers often grapple with challenging incidents in areas where lighting is inadequate. From apprehending suspects in large, dark warehouses with hidden corners and obscure spots, responding to break-ins in commercial properties – where they’ll need to secure the perimeter and check for intruders, to patrolling the open beach in the dead of night, this lighting for night drones can be an asset.

Security personnel monitoring large, dimly lit properties are also set to benefit from the Matrix 10. It allows for quick assessments of suspicious activities over wide areas, all through to alleys or back entrances, ensuring that security measures are proactive rather than reactive. Whether you’re keeping an eye on a large industrial complex or a remote infrastructure site, the Matrix 10 is set to aid surveillance coverage, helping to deter potential intruders.