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In a recent webinar with Brinc Drones Director of Strategic Sales Steven Butler, Randall Warnas, Executive Vice President of DSLRPros parent company EnterpriseUAS, discussed the Lemur S tactical drone in detail.

In the webinar, the BRINC Lemur S was discussed as a new go-to solution for law enforcement agencies and government agencies, as this rugged and capable unmanned aircraft system has been designed with public safety applications in mind by BRINC.

Lemur S supports two-way communication, allowing the operator to communicate with law enforcement personnel and suspects alike, enabling safer negotiations.

The Lemur S is ready for any operation, day or night. A 1080p IR-Based Vision System allows this drone to see perfectly in all lighting conditions, even in complete darkness.

The Lemur S can access structures or vehicles thanks to the Glass Breaker attachment, allowing your team to utilize the drone as a tactical entry tool.

The LiDAR-based navigation features of this aircraft allow operators to operate effectively even indoors, supplementing its tactical breaching capability.

All communications between the drone and the Lemur S are encrypted for your organization's security and privacy.

With a 31-minute flight time and a 10-hour perch time, the BRINC Lemur S is ready to help your team successfully complete even the toughest missions.

You can watch the webinar's video below if you missed it.

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