DJI Enterprise 2022 - New Drone, New Payload and More!

It’s Christmas in March!

At least, that’s how it might feel for fans of DJI’s Enterprise line. The world’s leading drone manufacturer just announced a slew of new products designed for businesses and government agencies. DJI is betting big on the future of Enterprise drones, and these new products are sure to set the standard for what’s possible with unmanned aerial vehicles.

Let’s take a quick look at DJI’s new Enterprise products for 2022:

•The DJI Matrice 30 drone is the newest in the Enterprise family. This powerful drone is designed for the most demanding enterprise applications, with powerful imaging and long-lasting flight time while maintaining a compact and foldable form factor.

•DJI FlightHub 2 is a new remote planning and data management system for enterprise drone fleets. This powerful software makes it easy to manage large numbers of drones and ensures safe and efficient operations.

DJI Dock is a new storage and charging system for enterprise drones. This automated system can store, launch, and recharge the M30, allowing for a quick turnaround time of 25 minutes.

•The Zenmuse H20N is a new high-end sensor for the DJI M300 RTK drone. This sensor provides starlight night vision capabilities, making it ideal for search and rescue operations.

DJI Matrice 30 and Matrice 30T - The Stars Of The Show


The centerpiece of the announcement is the DJI M30 and M30T Drones. Looking like the baby between an M300 and Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced, the M30 is a powerful and versatile flying platform. It has a single camera payload with multiple high-performance sensors, a new remote control, and improved Pilot 2 software.

The M30’s size makes it easy to transport and set up. Combining the compact, foldable form we all know and love about the Mavic series with the powerhouse performance of the Matrice line, the M30 series is perfect for users who need a drone that can do it all, with a high degree of portability. With the amount of power in this lightweight (3.7 kg take-off weight) drone, it’s no wonder the M30T is DJI Enterprise’s new flagship mid-sized drone.

What About The Payloads?


The M30 and M30T each come equipped with a single, non-swappable payload. But don’t let that fool you. Either one of this drone’s payload is packing a ton of versatility.

The M30’s 48MP 1/2” CMOS camera can zoom 5x-16x optically and 200x digitally. The M30 also has an 8k photo and 4K/30fps video resolution and a laser rangefinder that can locate objects up to 1,200 meters away. The M30T has all the same features as the M30, PLUS a 640x512 radiometric thermal camera!

So essentially, you have a mini M300, with your choice of an integrated H20 or H20T! Combining wide and zoom visual imaging, high resolution radiometric thermal, and a laser rangefinder makes for some robust inspection and search and rescue applications.

Water-Resistant And Durable


High tech doesn’t mean fragile. The M30 is designed with IP55 ingress protection, which means it can perform under harsh conditions such as heavy rains, high winds, high altitudes, and even in snow. The M30 is also equipped with self-heating batteries, allowing it to fly in a wide range of temperatures from as low as -20º C to as hot as 50º C.

With the DJI M30, you can expect an improved first-person view pilot camera for low-light situations, built-in redundancies and backup systems, three-propeller emergency landing, a Health Management System, and six-way obstacle avoidance sensors that allow the pilot to focus on the objective. With four antennas, the OcuSync 3 Enterprise transmission offers exceptional redundancy, and LTE link backup is supported under a variety of severe conditions.

The new TB30 self-heating battery can support a charge cycle of 400 or more and provides a flight time of 41 minutes. In 30 minutes, the smart BS30 charging case allows the battery to be charged from 20% to 90%. A new self-locking system allows for the M30 to be folded with just a touch of a button, making it the fastest and simplest DJI Enterprise drone to set up.

User Data Security and Privacy


Data protection is of utmost importance to DJI Enterprise customers. M30 uses DJI’s Matrice 300 V3 firmware, which features top-notch data security protocols.

The offline update feature allows future firmware updates to be completed entirely offline. You can download firmware packages from the DJI official website and save them to an external storage device such as a microSD card before uploading them to the M30 and installing DJI Pilot.

When Local Data Mode is enabled, the DJI M30 becomes completely disconnected from the internet, ensuring that ALL data is kept on the drone. This works like “airplane mode” on the phone.

All images, videos, and flight logs stored on the microSD card are protected by AES encryption and a security code.

One-Tap Panorama Sync creates a 360° overview, which is uploaded to the cloud with one simple tap. Using the 2.5D Base Map, all team members can access the shared panoramas and the coordinates at which they were captured.

By highlighting an area of interest, Cloud Mapping enables the DJI M30 to automatically map the location in 2D, offering a wealth of data for emergency response planning. Using DJI FlightHub 2, these images will be converted into a map, which will be displayed on top of the user’s map service provider. When a map is captured, it can be used as the basis for a mission plan.

DJI RC Plus Remote

Professional pilots can expect the new DJI RC Plus remote control to meet their high expectations. DJI RC Plus pilots can enjoy more visual information with a 7-inch-wide high-definition screen featuring impressive brightness. Similar to the M30 drone, the DJI RC Plus is IP54 certified, making it suitable for use in heavy rain.

In addition to the control sticks, the DJI RC Plus has six physical buttons. As a result, piloting becomes much easier since you are able to switch between wide-angle, zoom, infrared, and FPV views without needing to take your hands off the sticks.

Screen time on the RC is an impressive 6 hours. Battery power is provided by both an internal and external battery, preventing mission interruptions. For customers requiring redundancy in transmission, the DJI RC Plus offers ports for microSD cards, USBs, HDMIs, USB type Cs, and 4G connectivity (where available).

FlightHub 2


DJI’s FlightHub 2 is the latest version of their fleet management software. The new version is an improvement from its previous version, offering increased coordination and synchronization between ground teams, drones, payloads, pilots, and all the data they gather. Unlike its predecessor, the FlightHub 2 is cloud-based. Using this application, pilots can manage and view their missions not only from the pilot’s RC but from any web-enabled device, including computers, tablets, and mobile phones. Using this system, everyone involved in drone operations, from nearby ground teams to supervisors and managers in their offices, can view data gathered by the drones and the pilots.

A mapping feature in DJI FlightHub 2 allows users to respond quickly to developing situations.

FlightHub 2’s Live Annotations feature allows users to add points, lines, or polygons to maps. The DJI M30’s laser rangefinder allows a pilot to pinpoint coordinates, such as those of a missing person, during a search and rescue mission.

The DJI FlightHub 2 mission interface will automatically synchronize these coordinates allowing the command center and the team on the ground to have real-time updates of coordinates and to calculate rescue routes automatically. AWS’ cloud-based services enable these maps, models, and inspection data to be uploaded and managed remotely through the cloud.

FlightHub 2 becomes essential software for bringing together the team on the ground and the command room and for managing real-time missions.

DJI Dock: Autonomous Remote Docking


For the DJI M30 Series (Dock Version), DJI Dock is an autonomous take-off, landing, and charging station. It opens up new possibilities for remotely controlled automated missions. When fully charged, the DJI M30 drone can fly automatically from the Dock to anywhere within a 7-kilometer radius.

Fast Rotation: Once the drone lands, it will automatically recharge. The fast charging and battery cooling system allow the drone to take off 25 minutes after landing.

Excellent weather adaptability: Its durable modular design allows day and night operations in any weather. The DJI Dock was designed to be durable and low-maintenance. Because the Dock and its internal components are IP67 rated, it is waterproof and dustproof even when open. The DJI Dock’s interior is climate-controlled to safely charge M30 batteries in temperatures ranging from -35 to 50 degrees Celsius.

Expandable connectivity: Its connectivity can be expanded via an external 4G dongle port. In the event of a disaster, an internal battery will keep the Dock running and ensure the M30 lands safely.

The DJI Dock weighs 90 kg, is less than 1 square meter in size, and can be transported by elevator. It only needs to be fixed to the ground, turned on, powered, and connected to the internet. Antennas, weather stations, ultra-wide-angle surveillance cameras, and a D-RTK base station are all built-in. The integrated design reduces deployment difficulty and simplifies installation.

The DJI Dock is also simple to set up and use. The DJI RC Plus allows complete control over the Dock and M30, missions and scheduling, as well as data collection.

The DJI Dock opens up new fields for automated flight, such as infrastructure inspection, site monitoring, and engineering supervision. The DJI Dock is ready to enable autonomous, unattended, or beyond visual line-of-sight drone operations, with remote management via FlightHub 2.

Zenmuse H20N Hybrid Night Vision Sensor For The M300 RTK


With all the hype about the M30, it’s understandable for M300 owners to feel a little FOMO. No worries! DJI also unveiled the Zenmuse H20N sensor, designed exclusively for the DJI M300 RTK drone. The Zenmuse H20N is a revolutionary hybrid sensor solution that combines starlight-grade night vision, hybrid zoom thermal imaging, and a laser rangefinder for use with the M300 RTK. For search and rescue operations or emergency situations requiring immediate recognition, the ultra-low-illumination starlight-grade night vision camera sets a new standard in versatility. It has a 20x hybrid optical zoom, 640x512 thermal imaging camera, 2x8x optical zoom, and a 1200m laser rangefinder.

Availability & Purchase Info

The DJI M30 includes an RC Plus Remote Controller, batteries, and a charging station. The DJI M30 and DJI Zenmuse H20N will be available shortly from Dronefly. FlightHub 2 will be available for free testing until October 31, 2022. The DJI Dock is currently being tested and will be available for purchase in Q4 2022.

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