DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise Drones

DJI, leading manufacturer in drone and camera technology, has revealed its newest commercial drone series–the Mavic 3 Enterprise. This series comes with two models (the Mavic 3E and Mavic 3T), and are packed with features likely to revolutionize the way professionals carry out their missions.

The ultra compact and portable DJI Mavic 3E is designed mainly for mapping and surveying operations, while the DJI Mavic 3T was built for firefighting, inspection, search and rescue, and night missions. Boasting a lengthy flight time of 45 minutes, these aircrafts are ideal for longer assignments.

Compact and Portable

Compact, foldable and easy to carry around, the Mavic 3 Enterprise drones can be easily deployed at a moment’s notice, and can be carried around in one hand. These compact drones can easily navigate more challenging environments, like mountains and wilderness areas.

DJI Mavic 3 EnterpriseDJI Mavic 3 Enterprise


Mavic 3E:

The Mavic 3E is equipped with a wide-angle 4/3 CMOS, 20MP sensor and a mechanical shutter. The mechanical shutter provides shutter speed up to 1/2000 of a second and supports rapid 0.7-second interval shooting. This is perfect for mapping missions, as it helps to significantly reduce motion blur. This is a massive improvement from the Phantom 4's 2.5-second interval shooting.

To put things into perspective, the Mavic 3E is able to take very clear and accurate photos for mapping while flying at a speed of 15 mps. To get similar quality mapping results with the Phantom 4, you'd need to fly at a much slower speed at 5 mps.

The Mavic 3E’s 3.3μm-pixel wide camera, as well as its intelligent low-light mode significantly improves the drone’s performance in dim conditions.

The Mavic 3E is also outfitted with a 12MP zoom camera, with up to 56x hybrid zoom, allowing you to see tiny details from a far.

Mavic 3T:

The Mavic 3T’s 640x512 resolution thermal camera uses point and area temperature measurements, color palettes, isotherms, and high temperature alerts to help you quickly locate your targets in areas with limited visibility.

The Mavic 3T has its own 12 MP zoom camera with 56x hybrid zoom.

The split screen zoom function is another interesting feature of the Mavic 3T. It allows you to view both the thermal camera and the zoom camera side by side, with a continuous side-by-side zoom up to 28x. This is very useful for comparing visuals from both cameras to make informed decisions.

Durable and Super Efficient

Battery power:

The batteries used on the DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise drones are optimized for peak endurance, allowing you to carry out longer assignments without interruption. The batteries can be fast-charged with a 100W charging hub, or the drone itself can be directly charged with an 88W fast charging hub. 

  • Max flight time: 45 minutes
  • Area covered in a single session: 2 square kilometers

Image Transmission:

Both the Mavic 3E and Mavic 3T support the Quad-antenna O3 Enterprise Transmission, which offers more stable connections for data transmissions in more complex environments. The O3 Enterprise Transmission allows pilots to control the drones at a range of up to approximately 15km, while transmitting signals with more stability.

Obstacle Avoidance & Return To Home (RTH)

The Mavic 3 Enterprise drones are optimized for extremely safe flying. Both models include wide-angle vision sensors on all sides. These eliminate any blindspots when flying and, coupled with the advanced pilot assistance system, they allow for complete omnidirectional obstacle avoidance. The adjustable braking distances and proximity alarms can also be very handy, depending on your mission.

DJI’s Advanced Piloting Assistance System (APAS 5.0) allows your drone to automatically detect and avoid obstacles in its path, and to re-route to its original path.

The advanced Return To Home (RTH) function automatically finds the most efficient route back to you, or back to its most recent take-off position, saving you battery power, time and effort. Additionally, when the Return To Home function is enabled, your drone does not need to climb to a pre-set height before finding its way back to you. This makes for a much safer flight and more peace of mind for you, as it eliminates the possibility of the drone hitting obstacles when ascending to a pre-set height.

Professional Grade Remote Control

The Mavic 3 Enterprise drones use the DJI RC Pro Enterprise remote controller. This 1000-nit remote controller offers clear visibility even in bright sunlight. It also comes with a built-in microphone for clear communication, and 1.5 hour 65 W fast charging capabilities.


For even better performance of your DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise drones, there are a number of accessories you can add, based on your needs.

  • Loudspeaker - Communicate your messages clearly from the air, whether during search and rescue missions, or other assignments. This loudspeaker supports text-to-speech, looping and audio storage for efficient missions.
  • RTK Module - Achieve centimeter-level positional accuracy for modeling and mapping with the RTK module. Also get support for network RTK, custom network RTK services, and the D-RTK 2 (see below) mobile station. The RTK module helps to keep the Mavic 3E more stable while it's in flight, even during windy conditions.
  • D-RTK 2 Mobile Station - This high-precision GNSS receiver supports all major global satellite navigation systems. You can quickly and easily connect to the D-RTK 2 base station with the RTK module. Simply log in to your RTK settings, turn on RTK, and it will connect with the D-RTK 2 base station immediately.
DJI RC Pro EnterpriseDJI RC Pro Enterprise


The DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise drones each have a full software suite. These include:

  • DJI Pilot 2 - Easily access drone and payload controls, and clearly see flight and navigational details with one tap. It gives the user access to the drone hardware, as well as video and photo data.
  • DJI FlightHub 2  - This cloud based system allows you to manage your inspection operations with efficient route planning and mission management.
  • DJI Terra - A complete mapping software for anything from mission planning to 2D and 3D model processing.
  • DJI Thermal Analysis Tool 3.0 (DTAT 3.0) - Analyze and process thermal images captured by the Mavic 3T thermal camera with this thermal analysis software. DTAT 3.0 allows you to detect temperature abnormalities in your equipment during routine inspections.

Data Security

Data security is of vital importance in any situation, but especially so in business and highly specialized government operations. And DJI consistently rises to the occasion in this respect. DJI gives users complete control over whatever data they gather using their drones. 

For the Mavic 3 Enterprise series, you have the option to switch to local data mode. Once this mode is activated, none of your data will be transmitted over the internet. 

Users also have the option to remove all the data they've gathered on their drones with just one tap. And if you choose not to use DJI services anymore, a process is in place for you to have all your data removed from their system.

Finally, the Mavic 3 Enterprise drones use AES-256 bit encryption for transmitting data between the drone and the remote controller.

Wrap Up

These DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise drones were designed with ultra-specialized features to be used primarily in industry applications where accessibility might be limited. Think firefighting, powerline inspections, search and rescue, and other similar highly specialized missions.

Upgraded obstacle detection and avoidance, plus an Advanced Piloting Assistance System make for much safer flights. More durable batteries and a stronger airframe keep the Mavic 3 Enterprise drones in the air much longer than earlier models, and allow them to work effectively in complex environments. 

Perhaps one of the most exciting features of the Mavic 3 Enterprise series is the camera payload. Mechanical shutters working at 0.7 second shooting intervals make the Mavic 3E incredibly useful in mapping, while the 640x512 thermal camera on the Mavic 3T make this model very useful in areas of low visibility.

A good selection of accessories, a full software suite, and DJI's high standard of data security make for a set of highly functional, compact, and portable drones.

Sounds interesting? Get in touch with one of our UAV solutions specialists to find out more about the new DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise series of drones.