A ready-to-fly personal drone with a GoPro camera mount, the DJI Phantom 1 was the (surprise!) first in the esteemed drone manufacturer’s Phantom series. Featuring a highly-integrated design, the Phantom 1 has since been surpassed by the Phantom 2, Phantom 2 Vision+, and now the Phantom 3. Nevertheless, it’s still a quality quadcopter, and one that’s easy to fly. Let’s review this drone to determine if it’s the right one for you:

Test Flights With the Remote Control Unit

The Phantom 1 comes with a remote control unit as well as two flight control modes, including position hold. If you lose your control connection with the quadcopter while it’s doing its thing, the flying robot is advertised as automatically returning to your designated launch pad. However, some users dispute this claim.

“Go to a large field and do a test flight of the Phantom and shut the control off,” writes one reviewer on Amazon. “If it doesn’t return to home within 20 seconds Turn the control back on and fly it back and then get with the Seller or DJI-Innovations and find out why. Mine flew fine but never worked on RETURN TO HOME and I no longer have it.”

“Before taking it out for its first flight, grab a Sharpee and write your phone number on it clearly with the words “REWARD”,”writes another Amazon reviewer. “If you lose it, you just might luck-out with a phone call. You may want to put the reward amount on there, too. $50-100 is well worth it if someone calls.”

This Phantom offers 10 to 15 minutes of flight time.

Assembly and Durability

Considered easy to assemble, the drone is also quite durable, and capable of surviving a crash or two.

A High-Tech Toy

A “high-tech toy for adults,” the Phantom 1 is best served with a GoPro drone camera. While the camera doesn’t come with the quadcopter, it’s recommended you purchase one unless learning how to maneuver the drone is all that interests you. If that’s the case, go with a smaller, cheaper option.