Why You Need The Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced

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When DJI released the Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual, everybody was impressed by the controls, thermal imaging capabilities, and visual spectrum camera. Not one to rest on their laurels, DJI recently released the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced to rave reviews.

Although professionals and amateurs alike have been raving about the M2EA for months, some people are still asking if they need to switch to the Advanced. As much as we love the Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual, we think that the upgrade is worth the cost. Enterprise level professionals (and DJI devotees) will find their aerial operations greatly improved with the addition of the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced to their fleet.

Read on to learn more about DJI’s most capable compact craft.

Powerful Thermal Imaging In A Small Payload

The first thing that anybody notices when comparing the Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual with the Enterprise Advanced is the greatly improved thermal resolution. With a 640 X 512 thermal resolution, the Advanced has 4 times (!) The thermal resolution of its predecessor. This results in clearer images and the ability to take a closer look at fine detail from a greater distance. The 16X thermal zoom is something everybody is excited about! With higher resolution and greater zoom, inspection operations are safer while collecting much more fine detail.

An easily overlooked improvement to the thermal sensor is it’s drastically improved refresh rate of 30Hz. An early complaint about the Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual was that thermal video tended to be choppy. A high refresh rate means that movement is smoother and more natural looking. This refresh rate can enhance the efficacy of Surveillance and Search and Rescue operations makes seeing movement much easier.

The element that we at Dronefly are most excited about is that this new thermal sensor is radiometric. This technology makes it possible for the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced to measure the temperature of individual pixels. Being able to measure temperatures while in flight is invaluable to industrial inspection operations including solar, gas line, and power line inspection.

RTK Makes Inspection Easier And Safer

One of our favorite things about the Mavic 2 Enterprise is its ability to quickly mount accessories like a speaker, spotlight, or a beacon. While the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced also supports these accessories, the Advanced is the only Mavic that is RTK compatable. The available RTK Module gives users centimeter level accuracy and the ability to program over 200 waypoints. These features are essential for construction, survey, and wind farm inspection operations. The RTK module is not included with the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced, but is available in several of Dronefly’s bundles.

DJI’s Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced is a compact drone solution for professionals working in inspection, law enforcement, and more. This powerhouse is small but capable. The ability to carry a small craft that can be deployed in minutes and capture stunning thermal and visual spectrum imagery is invaluable.

Watch our latest video to learn more about the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced.

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