When the Ronin 2 was announced, it was pretty clear that DJI’s flagship heavy lift drone (the Matrice 600) wasn’t going to be able to handle it. This begged the question: what does DJI have up their sleeve?

Still not officially announced by DJI, apparently they’re parading their working prototype around for a new heavy lift hexacopter capable of carrying the Ronin 2. A video posted a couple of days ago shows what is claimed to be just this drone, and it’s massive.

It looks to borrow some ideas from Freefly, with the full landing gear spinning instead of going up to get out of the way, and for extra support and protection, they have 3 landing gear legs.

Again, this hasn’t been confirmed by DJI (YET), but this has been a long time coming. Expect an announcement of this behemoth by the end of the year.

Check it out!