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Drone Footage of Severe Flooding in Missouri

Posted on May 01 2017

Current River Broadcasting posted a video Sunday, April 30, 2017, showing aerial footage of Riverfront Park and Current River bridge in Doniphan, MO.

The flooding is pretty intense, closing businesses and schools for several days. Normally, the Current River is Doniphan's main tourist attraction. This current flooding situation has shattered previous river crest records that have stood since 1904. 

"Also, the Current River is expected to reach an unprecedented 18 feet above the level at which "water begins to flood homes" in Doniphan, Missouri, according to the NWS. 

Upstream, a historic crest 8.2 feet above the previous record from 1904 occurred April 30 in Van Buren, Missouri." -

See it for yourself from an aerial perspective.


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