“Every year, landmines kill 15,000 to 20,000 people — most of them children, women and the elderly — and severely maim countless more.  Scattered in some 78 countries, they are an ongoing reminder of conflicts which have been over for years or even decades.  Yet despite this random carnage, they continue to be used as weapons of war.” – United Nations

In comes Massoud Hassani, inventor of the Mine Kafon: a mine clearing device that rolls along the ground in a suspected minefield and detonates itself and the mine when encountered.

“Mine Kafon is not only an anti-landmine device; it opens a discussion of global awareness” – Massoud Hassani

With drone technology making enormous leaps in the the last five years, it only makes sense that Hassani’s passion for clearing the world of landmines would lead him to the drone world. Drone technology can make minefield clearing a completely autonomous and safe exercise.

“Landmines are unaffected by cease-fires or peace. The only way to deactivate them is by individual removal at a cost of US$ 300–1000 per mine. Even with training, mine disposal experts expect that for every 5000 mines cleared one worker will be killed and two workers will be injured by accidental explosions.” – U.N. Nick & Wendy Walsh

Check out their aerial Mine Kafon platform in the video below.


For more information or to support Mine Kafon, head to minekafon.org/