Staying airborne to capture vital information can mean the difference between catching the suspect or losing them. In this post, we will walk through the drones, batteries, drone tethers, and charging systems available.

The Drones and Batteries
Matrice 210 with Zenmuse XT2 + TB55 (left) & TB50 (right) Batteries

The Matrice 210: The Matrice 210 is the perfect utility drone(sUAS) for industrial and public safety applications. This quadcopter has an IP43 water resistant body with a convenient foldable design, versatile payload options, a stabilized onboard FPV camera, and a dual battery compartment system for extended flight times. The Matrice 210 allows for dual downward payloads or a single upward payload. The Matrice 210 is designed to deliver maximum functionality when used in critical applications such as power line inspections, public safety, search & rescue operations, and firefighting. Equipped with a durable body that’s designed to withstand light rain and dust, the Matrice 210 can help you carry out critical operations even in rough weather and cold environments. It can also detect and avoid obstacles (above, below, and in front) thanks to DJI’s advanced FlightAutonomy system, which utilizes two front visual sensors, an ultrasonic visual downward-positioning system, and an upper infrared sensor. Intelligent flight modes such as Waypoints, Tripod, and Point of Interest are available for more efficient data collection. The Matrice 210 comes with two battery options, the TB50 and the TB55. The difference is battery capacity, the TB50 hold 4280 mAh whereas the TB55’s have a 7660mAh capacity. Larger capacity means longer flight times. 

Inspire 1 with Lume Cubes +TB48(left) & TB47(right) Batteries

The Inspire 1: The Inspire 1 V2.0 is designed to be a small yet powerful tool for professional aerial imaging. The Inspire 1 V2.0 features a transforming design that lifts the carbon fiber legs up giving the camera a 360-degree unobstructed view. The Inspire 1 drone has a maximum flight speed of 49mph and a maximum flight time of 18 minutes. The Inspire 1 v2.0 is compatible with the Zenmuse X3, X5, X5R, XT (infrared), and Z3(zoom) cameras. This drone can even be equipped with a payload drop system that attaches to its landing gear furthering the drone’s capabilities. Although the Inspire 2 is the newest model of the Inspire series, the Inspire 2 is not compatible with any of DJIs Zenmuse XT thermal or zoom cameras. However, we here at Dronefly are working on a gimbal mount that would allow for the FLIR Vue Pro infrared camera to be partially integrated into the Inspire 2. The Inspire 1 can use TB48 or TB47 batteries the difference between them is once again capacity. The TB48 Inspire 1 batteries have 5700mAh and the TB47 batteries have 4500mAh capacity. 

Matrice 100 + TB48D (left) &TB47D(right) Batteries

The Matrice 100: The Matrice 100 is customizable and specifically designed to deliver maximum flexibility and functionality. It supports software customization through DJI SDK, which enables custom app development to give users enhanced control over the drone’s flight behavior. Its modular design allows for hardware customization to accommodate extra components or batteries. This drone is not compatible with the Zenmuse XT2 thermal cameras and is also not water resistant. This drone also has no obstacle avoidance right out of the box but can be integrated with the DJI Guidance which gives the DJI Matrice 100 a five-way obstacle sensing system. This drone is compatible with the TB48Dand TB47D batteries. The Matrice 100 batteries have the same capacity of the Inspire 1 batteries just with a different adaptor. 

Matrice 600 Pro with XT2 + TB48S (left) & TB47S (right) Batteries

The Matrice 600 Pro: The Matrice 600 Pro’s folding arms design allows this large drone to be launch-ready within minutes. Equipped with DJI’s powerful A3 flight controller, this flying platform is optimized for heavy payloads and increased redundancy due to the six batteries and six propellers. This hexacopter ensures safe and precise flights thanks to its triple modular redundancy and powerful algorithms. Another added benefit of this drone is that its landing gear raises giving the camera a 360-degree unobstructed field of view. With a dustproof and actively cooling motors this drone is ready to be flown for extended periods of time. The Matrice 600 Pro is compatible with the TB48S and the TB47Sbatteries. These have 5700 and 4500mAh capacities as well. Just remember the Matrice 600 requires 6 of these batteries, luckily we sell them in a 6-pack

The Drone Battery Chargers
DJI Charging Hub and TB50 Battery Case

Matrice 200: The DJI Charging hub can hold 4 batteries but only charges 2 at a time. The hub is capable of charging both the Tb50 and TB55 batteries. The DJI Battery Station charging case is only capable of charging the standard capacity Tb50 batteries. We are hopeful that DJI will release a battery station for the high capacity TB55 batteries.

DJI Inspire 1 Hub and Hex TB47 & TB48 Charger

Matrice 100, 600, and Inspire 1: These batteries have more charging options since this model of batteries has been out for years now. The two best options to charge these batteries are the Inspire 1 Battery Charging Hub and the DJI Hex charger. These options provide either 4 or 6 batteries to be charged at a given time.

Drone Tether
Elistair Ligh-T V.3 Drone Tether with a Matrice 200

The Elistair Ligh-T V.3 tether is a heavy-duty tethering station for drones(UAV). The Ligh-T comprises three main parts, the air module, micro-tether, and the ground station. The air module plugs directly into the drones battery compartment plugs and receives power through the micro-tether which is connected to the ground station. To power the ground station it requires a 220V 50Hz type E plug which means if you are using it in the United States you will need a converter.  This makes the drone basically a portable security camera system perfect for events such as concerts, festivals, sporting events, traffic monitoring, or disaster response. 

The Elistair’s long Kevlar reinforced tether allows the drone to reach a maximum height of 196 ft (60m) giving operators a large field of view. Another added benefit of the Elistair tether is that it is IP65 water resistant. This means when paired with a DJI Matrice 200 series drone it the tether system can support the drone even in less than ideal conditions. With the  Matrice 200 series having a flight time of roughly 30 minutes depending on the payload and battery capacity. The Elistair Ligh-T V.3 gives public safety officials greater versatility and security in situations where having an eye in the sky for long periods of time is a must.

Front & back view of the EcoFlow. Featuring the 50W solar charger

The EcoFlow River is large 412 Wh portable battery multiple charging port options. The River Bank features essential backup power or a key tool for staying off the grid. With an operational range of -4 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit the EcoFlow river can be used even in extreme environments. The benefit of the EcoFlow River compared to other portable batteries is its range of plug-in power options. With a universal DC input and 2 AC outputs (300W) this portable battery is ready to charge just about anything including drone batteries! With the EcoFlow River’s diversity of changing options (car, solar, or AC plug power) this battery is ready for any environment.