Drones provide real estate agents with an amazing tool. The unmanned aerial vehicles are quickly becoming the go-to technology for agents. And while some agents may eskew using drones for one reason or another at first, it’s definitely something worth considering.

“All agents should be thinking about this as a tool,” said Scott Gerami, the the REALTOR® and managing broker of RE/MAX in Naperville, IL. “Drone aerial photography has a wide appeal. It’s not just for luxury properties.”

So what are some of the ways real estate agents use drones?

Aerial Shots

The most obvious use of quadcopters for real estate is aerial shots of property listings. Clear, high-definition videos and images of properties provide a special edge, and can make even dull listings look attractive. Aerial shots aren’t limited to properties, either–they’re also a great way to showcase surrounding amenities. Does the neighborhood include a community pool? What about nearby school systems and parks? Landmarks and other historical points of interest? Great restaurants? Shopping districts? Drones make highlighting nearby amenities easy, and therefore increase listing interest. Rather than having to ask or read about what’s close by, potential buyers can see it for themselves.

In-Depth Virtual Tours

It’s not uncommon for a listing to feature a virtual tour. Incorporating aerial footage into a virtual tour adds serious depth, and allows the realtor to show the property from every imaginable angle. A buyer looking at dozens of listings will definitely pause for one featuring aerial videos and stills.

Interior Shots

Some realtors, such as the aforementioned Gerami, are considering using drones for interior shots, assuming the homes are big enough. Perfect for luxury listings, drones cut time spent taking videos and photos in half, as they can easily fly around and take gorgeous shots of a mansion or other sizable house.