Need a little help with your Phantom 3? Look no further! Dronefly is here to help!

One of the biggest features on the DJI Phantom 3 and Inspire 1 models is the ability to let the aircraft fly itself and stay focused on the subject of your choice. Whether you want your drone to follow you, circle your boat, or just fly a preset path, using the intelligent flight modes can get you incredible shots without you even having your hands on the controls.


First rule of flying under any circumstance is safety. Even though these aircraft are intelligent and sophisticated flying machines, they are not able to avoid objects such as people, trees, power lines, etc.. You should always have line of sight and always be prepared to take over control of your aircraft at any time.


For this demonstration we will be using a DJI Phantom 3 Professional (Dronefly Blackout Edition). The procedures will be the same for all DJI Phantom 3 models (Standard, Advanced, 4k), and Inspire 1 models.

First step is to turn on your controller, connect it to your smart device via usb port on back side of remote (or via wi-fi on Phantom 3 Standard) and open the DJI GO App. Next, turn on your aircraft. If your remote controller and aircraft are not connected, please refer to our RC Linking Tutorial. Once you have a connection, click “Enter Camera View.”

Once in camera view, click the menu button in the upper right hand corner.

On the side bar of the menu that pops up, click the top icon that looks like a quadcopter. Scroll down a bit and click “Advanced Settings.”

The first option on the next menu is “Enable Multiple Flight Mode,” click the toggle to the right.

When the toggle is green, it’s good to go for an automated flight!

To access the automatic flight functions, the aircraft must be in the air. Once in the air, click the icon that appears directly to the left of the status bar (the blue button below). Now all you have to do is pick the Intelligent Flight Mode that suits your purpose. The application will walk you through how to work each individual flight mode.

If you have a request for a photo “How To,” send your request in to and let us know!