Need a little help with your Phantom 3? Look no further! Dronefly is here to help!

One of the most common questions we get is how to link the remote controller to a pilot’s aircraft. It’s a simple enough procedure.. Once you know how it’s done. 

For this demonstration, we will be using a DJI Phantom 3 Professional and DJI Phantom 3 Standard. These procedures are exactly the same for all Phantom 3 models, with a slight difference of where the point of contact (frequency button) on the drone is, which we will show as well. The frequency button on the Phantom 3 Standard will be on its own, while the frequency button on the Phantom 3 Professional will be the same as the Phantom 3 4k, and Phantom 3 Advanced models as well.

First things first, turn on your controller. Connect your phone as applies to your aircraft (via wifi or cable). Next, turn on your aircraft. If you get first person view (FPV) to your device, you’re already connected (well done, you did it!). If you do not have first person view, continue to the next steps, which will be accompanied by photos to illustrate exactly what we’re talking about.

So, your phone is connected. Open the DJI GO app. If your controller isn’t connected to the aircraft, you may have to scroll through the different DJI products on the main screen to find yours. Once you have, click the button “Enter Camera View.” From there, you’ll need to touch the remote controller icon to the right of the status bar.

A menu will pop up when you press that icon, scroll all the way to the bottom of that menu. At the bottom will be a button that says “Linking Remote Controllers.” Touch that to get to the next step.

A small pop up will appear that asks you to confirm frequency settings, which is definitely what we’re looking for. Click “Agree” and you’re almost there! Once you click agree, the pop up will become a timer, giving you one minute to press the frequency button. It looks like this.

“Where do I press to link the controller?”

Right here on a Phantom 3 Professional

Or here on a Phantom 3 Standard.

Right in the hole the faint red light is coming from. Push a pen or paperclip into either frequency button for just a moment, no need to hold it in as long as you’ve pressed the button.

Look at that! We did it! That message means you’ve successfully linked your DJI Phantom 3 to your remote controller. Time to go fly!

If you have a request for a photo “How To”, shoot an email to and let us know!