A DSLR camera, or digital single-lens reflex camera, is defined as a digital camera featuring the same optics and mechanisms as a single-lens reflex camera, but with a digital-imaging sensor as opposed to photographic film. The reflex design is what mainly separates DSLR cameras from other digital options.

As with drone GoPro, DSLR cameras are popular for drone use. They fit well onto numerous quadcopter models, allowing you to take stunning aerial shots otherwise impossible to capture. Let’s review a few tips for using your DSLR camera with a drone:

First Things

Before you do anything else, it’s important to research which drones are compatible with DSLR cameras. In other words, purchase a drone capable of carrying the camera’s weight without issue. The last thing you want is your camera and your drone smashed into tiny bits because the quadcopter couldn’t sustain the weight.

Batteries and Balance

Once you have the right drone for your DSLR, you’ll want to mount it to the quadcopter. A drone featuring additional mounting brackets is best, as it again will sustain the camera and keep it steady. Turn your remote control on and plug the battery into the drone. Set the drone on the ground and allow it to “balance out.” This refers to the drone’s ability to figure out what is and is not level via internal gyroscopes. Tuck the battery into the drone and close the battery door.

Calibration Completion

The next step is to flip the drone remote control switch back and forth 10 times to help calibrate it with the drone. Your model will like feature a yellow light on the front, and you’ll need to hold the drone on its side and turn around a few times to finish the calibration. The light will go from yellow to green when calibration is complete.

Once this is finished, it’s time to fly your DSLR-equipped drone! Good luck!