M300 Firmware Update - H20N Support Now Added Banner

DJI released their newest firmware update (v04.00.01.11) for the M300 which contains plenty of enhancements for the most versatile enterprise drone in the market. Curious to know what’s changed? Read on to find out more.

M300 Firmware Update - Zenmuse H20N

Let’s start off our list of updates with one of the best upgrades for the M300. Support has now been added for the M300 to work with the Zenmuse H20N payload.

The H20N’s potent combination of its starlight sensors, as well as its zoom, thermal and laser rangefinding capabilities make it a stellar option for public safety operations, especially in low-light environments.

We’ve put together a blog post on how the Zenmuse H20N takes the DJI M300 to new heights, which you can read separately here. Stick around and read on to learn more about the feature changes.

M300 Firmware Updates - Enhanced Features for the M300 RTK

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Here are the improvements for the M300 RTK:

-Improvements for flight path descriptions

-You can now save Live Mission Recording data during flight. Do note that photos still need to be downloaded after landing if AI-Spot Check is enabled

-Video and photos are named in accordance with the waypoints associated with them.

-Support for the H20 camera series has been added with a minimum 1.3x zoom capability.

-Zoom camera support is added by scrolling the right dial while the confirm button is pressed.

-Changed the battery charging priority to charge top and bottom paired batteries in the battery station first.

-You can now pause and resume flight tasks in camera view during flight.

-Support has been added for customizing parameters from third party cameras.

M300 Firmware Updates - DJI FlightHub 2


FlightHub 2 is DJI’s comprehensive, all-in-one platform for managing drone operations in the cloud.

The following advantages are now available to M300 RTK operators thanks to the firmware update:

-Support has been added for the creation and management of cloud flight paths in DJI Pilot 2 and DJI FlightHub 2

-Added support for simultaneously displaying points, lines, and regions in DJI FlightHub 2 and DJI Pilot 2.

-Added support for viewing pictures and panoramas, managing media files, and uploading media files in real-time from DJI Pilot 2 to DJI FlightHub 2.

-Zenmuse H20 series now supports cloud livestreams.

-Zenmuse H20 series now has support for both optical and infrared cloud mapping, and DJI Pilot 2 and DJI FlightHub 2 can both be used to check mapping data.

M300 Firmware Update - DJI Pilot 2

The DJI Pilot 2 app is also enhanced by this firmware update, with improvements focusing on task management and safety during flight.

We get the following new features for this update:

-The home screen has been improved, and there is now support for seeing the GEO Zone map, albums, and device health status as well as managing duties related to unlocking licenses, cloud services, and flight routes.

-Improvements to the camera view, including support for quickly controlling the aircraft and camera, and a clearer display of flight data and status.

-Adjusted the timing for warning messages to ensure that they are timely and appropriately presented. The user can also conveniently see the history of the warnings.

-Support has been added for managing PinPoints, adding lines and sections to the map view, as well as adding, removing, selecting, and viewing PinPoints using the 5D button.

-PinPoint size was modified to reflect the distance between it and the aircraft, and support for displaying an icon showing the locations of the Home point and PinPoint was introduced.

In Closing

These are only some of the enhancements that were implemented in the most recent firmware update from DJI. As always, please ensure that your drone firmware is up to date so your team can take advantage of the latest and greatest features. For more details, refer to DJI’s documentation here. Want to know if the DJI M300 RTK is the best drone for your needs? Then don’t hesitate to contact our team at Dronefly today!