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Oscar Mayer Wiener Mobile has some new friends!

Posted on June 27 2017

If you've ever seen an Oscar Mayer Hot Dog advertisement, you've seen the iconic "WienerMobile." The Wienermobile has been touring the country since 1936! 

Yeah, that WienerMobile. Perhaps you've seen it cruising down your local highway.

The Oscar Mayer WienerMobile (or 8 WienerMobiles) has been cruising around semi-solo with famed "HotDoggers" for a while but is alone no more. The famous hot dog company has introduced a host of new vehicles, including a hot dog delivery drone!

No, not that kind. (Courtesy: The Onion)

There's your whole hot dog vehicle gang. Speaking of, did you know there's a word for Hotdog Phobia? Canisinfernobia. The more you know. Check out the introductions!

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