The Phantom 1 from DJI is no longer in production, not that it still won’t be sold at various outlets for… the foreseeable future. The original Phantom, it has been surpassed by the Phantom 2, Phantom 2 Vision, Phantom 2 Vision+, and the Phantom 3 professional. To argue that its propellers aren’t up to proverbial snuff the way its sequels are isn’t much of stretch, especially when you read reviews of both. 

To compare the quadcopters’ propellers is to compare how they fly. With that in mind, let’s say what reviewers have to say about how each option takes to the sky:

Phantom 1

Before taking it out for its first flight, grab a Sharpie and write your phone number on it clearly with the words “REWARD”. If you lose it, you just might luck-out with a phone call. You may want to put the reward amount on there, too. $50-100 is well worth it if someone calls. –Amazon reviewer 

If you don’t do anything but listen to me on this one you will insure yourself no headaches. Go to a large field and do a test flight of the Phantom and shut the control off. If it doesn’t return to home within 20 seconds Turn the control back on and fly it back and then get with the Seller or DJI-Innovations and find out why. Mine flew fine but never worked on RETURN TO HOME and I no longer have it. If you don’t want to be out a 1000 bux for your GOPRO and PHANTOM heed my words.I spent 7 hours looking in the marsh near my house and never found it.–Amazon Reviewer

Phantom 2

The DJI Phantom 2 Vision is stable in the air, it’s fast, and it’s incredibly easy to control. After a quick compass and GPS calibration, with completion signaled by colored lights on the back side of the drone, we were off and flying in no time. The real key here is the physical controller, powered by four AA batteries, which allows for precise and comfortable control. In short, it’s great and incredibly easy to figure out.–Apple Insider

Upon actually getting the Vision into the air, I noticed that it was easier to control than its predecessor. –Gizmag

It comes with self-tightening prop design and supports multiple flight control modes…you can enjoy a maximum flight time of up to 25 minutes. –Best Quadcopter Reviews