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Phantom 4 Pro Vs Phantom 4 Advanced

Posted on April 13 2017

Ten days before DJI is expected to announce their new mini selfie drone, the drone giant announced a slightly watered down version of the Phantom 4 Pro. Introducing: the Phantom 4 Advanced.

Yes, it looks almost exactly like the Phantom 4 Pro. From the angle in the picture above, it honestly might be a picture of the Phantom 4 Pro. 

So what's the difference between the Phantom 4 Pro and Phantom 4 Advanced?
According to DJI: "The Phantom 4 Advanced does not have rear vision sensors or 2 infrared sensors in its Flight Autonomy system. Also, its remote controller does not support the 5.8GHz frequency band and Tapfly backward has been removed."

You still get the great 1" CMOS sensor for some pretty amazing shots, but for a bit lower cost and missing a few guidance sensors. 

So what about the Phantom 4?
The camera and additional sensors are the really big differences between the Phantom 4 and the Advanced, but there's more to it than just that; additional flight modes are of course a plus for the P4A as well. DJI says the maximum flight speed in P-mode is slightly higher than on the P4 (31.3mph), the maximum flight time is extended up to 30 minutes (up from 28 minutes), transmission range is extended up to 7km or 4.35mi (up from 5km or 3.1mi), and the obstacle avoidance range is increased from 15m to 30m.

What accessories are the same?
The propellers, batteries, power cables and microUSB cables are all interchangeable between the three aircraft, so breathe easy if you need to upgrade from a P4 to a P4A or P4P. 

Other questions?
The remote controller from the Advanced is not possible to use with any other Phantom 4 unit. P4A still come with: Draw, Gesture, upgraded Tapfly, Tripod, Terrain Follow, and "an upgraded Active Tack"

The Phantom 4 Advanced comes in at $1,349 compared to the $1,499 for the Phantom 4 Pro, which is not a huge difference. That being said, the Phantom 3 Advanced and Professional weren't far apart on price either, and plenty of people opted for the Advanced version of the aircraft.

This announcement effectively makes the original Phantom 4 a relic and likely will no longer be manufactured. DJI should still offer parts and support for the original Phantom 4 for a while to come though, so do worry too much if you got into the Phantom 4 game early.



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