Some of you may remember the commercial failure of a Nintendo controller called “Power Glove.” Although it ever quite hit the mark as a full blown controller for NES, and didn’t see much in the way of game development after its release, the Power Glove has held a place in the hearts and minds of 90’s kids around the world.

Nolan Moore has found a use for the Nintendo Power Glove in the modern world: controlling a drone. The control scheme probably takes a bit of getting used to, but looks like a very creative way to revitalize the old technology and bring back a little nostalgia for those who used to have a Power Glove.


“The control scheme is pretty sweet, hold your hand flat (palm toward the ground) to hover, make a fist and tilt it in any direction to affect pitch and roll, point a finger up or down to affect altitude, and point straight and twist your hand for yaw control. When talking with Nolan about these controls it sounds sketchy, but the demo proves it’s quite responsive.” – Hackaday