The M30 Series - Specs and Features Rundown

The release of the DJI M30 series this year has plenty of people hyped - and for good reason. While the DJI Matrice 300 RTK remains the undisputed king when it comes to payload versatility, the M30 series is a portable solution offering high-performance specs and plenty of new, exciting features for enterprise users - setting itself apart from the rest of the pack in the commercial drone space.


In this blog post, we’ll go through some of the key functionality and major improvements that make the M30 a game-changer among Enterprise drones, whether you're using it for public safety, emergency services, or inspections.


We'll also talk about how the M30 drones indicate with accessories and tools such as DJI Dock, DJI FlightHub 2 and DJI RC Plus.

DJI Matrice 30 KitDJI Matrice 30 Kit

Flight Safety Taken To the Next Level

The Matrice 30 series is packed with a number of hardware and software safeguards that assure your safety during missions. This drone's six-way obstacle avoidance sensors ensure that the this drone can detect nearby obstacles navigate even in complex environments. In addition, an on-board computer will only allow you to take-off once the drone’s folding arms and payloads are secured in place. The operators can also expect to receive timely warnings from the aircraft's systems to avoid collisions.

Included among the list of safety measures and backup systems is a health management system which monitors the state of the aircraft’s essential components in real time. In addition, should one of your props fail mid-flight, the DJI M30 will allow you to perform an emergency landing with only three functioning props.

Enterprise-Ready Yet Portable

Many inspections and public safety missions necessitate pilots' quick reflexes and the ability to fly from multiple sites in a single trip. Portability is crucial in these cases. The Matrice 30 series is lightweight and portable, weighing only 3.77 kg. The M30 is small enough to put into a backpack and carry on foot when folded. This UAS provides the portability you need to get the job done, whether you're on the front lines of a growing emergency or conducting infrastructure or equipment inspections in hard to reach or remote locales.

Flagship-class Payload Performance

High Resolution Thermal Imaging From The Matrice 30THigh Resolution Thermal Imaging From The Matrice 30T

The Matrice 30 series is a versatile platform with top-tier payload capabilities.

To maintain a high level of image quality, the regular M30 (without the “T”) comes with a 48 MP Zoom camera and a 12 MP Wide camera, as well as a hybrid visual and laser rangefinder payload. Both cameras have 12 inch CMOS sensors and can record 4K footage at 30 frames per second. Both versions have an upgraded FPV camera that provides more information in low light circumstances, allowing pilots to see the horizon during night flights.

With exact measurements and PinPoint position data, the laser rangefinder gives clarity to complex settings. It has a detection range of 3-1200 meters.

All of the aforementioned is included in the Matrice 30T, as well as a thermal sensor that can match the capabilities of DJI’s Zenmuse H20T. It has a thermal video resolution of 640*512@30Hz and a temperature measurement precision of 2°C. The Radiometric thermal sensor at play here means that your team can take highly accurate, per-pixel thermal data for later review - critical for inspecting equipment. It's thermal imaging capabilities allow this aircraft to excel even in low-light conditions.

Outstanding Performance In Flight

Despite its compact size, there's plenty of power under the hood, so to speak, for the M30. This drone series features a 41-minute flight time, top speed of over 50 mph, a top ascent/descent speed of around 15.5 mph, while retaining stability in gusts up to 33 mph. Mind you, the M30 achieves this level of performance despite weighing only half as much as the M300. These stats ensure that the M30 series is robust and capable enough to handle even the most challenging missions for your team.

Deployment At Speed

Matrice 30T In Flight, FirefightingMatrice 30T In Flight, Firefighting

You don't want to be wasting valuable minutes adjusting payloads or fastening landing gear into place when every second is critical. The M30 has been designed rapid deployment and operational efficiency in mind, whether you're deploying for a search and rescue mission or quickly need a set of eyes to scan equipment or infrastructure.

Unlike the M300, there is no landing gear. The M30 also features foldable arms with a quick-lock system to save time during setup. When it’s time to fly, you’ll be happy to know that the M30’s payload does not need to be calibrated before your takeoff. DJI has designed these features to ensure that you are ready to fly in mere moments.

Durability That Weathers The Elements

Matrice 30T In Flight, Frigid EnvironmentMatrice 30T In Flight, Frigid Environment

Environmental adaptability and the protection of key internal components from the elements are always a concern for enterprise operations. The M30’s ability to weather the elements builds upon the success of the DJI Matrice 300 - so you’re assured that this drone can perform well even in less than ideal weather. With the M30, rain won’t put a damper on your drone operations. This drone comes with an IP55 rating (ingress protection), which means it can withstand light rain and severe gusts. In addition this aircraft can remain operational in harsh, cold environments - even in extreme external temperatures ranging from -20°C to 50°C.

Enterprise-Grade Controller That Performs

For the best in flight control, the M30 series is also compatible with DJI's newest Enterprise remote controller, the DJI RC Plus. A larger 7-inch screen allows for more mission flexibility and a high-definition feed without the use of an additional monitor. The new controller's IP54 weatherproofing ensures that it has the durability to keep up with the M30’s performance in the elements. The remote controller, like the drone it controls, can resist the elements and perform in tough conditions. Additional physical buttons on the M30 remote controller provide quick access to critical functions without the need to tap on a screen or release control of the sticks.

Next-Gen Intelligent Battery Charging

BS30 Charging Station ExteriorBS30 Charging Station Exterior

The M30 series features quick battery charging features as well. DJI released the M30 alongside the BS30 Intelligent Battery Station, which is small enough to fit in a briefcase. This accessory was designed to help you to effectively manage the M30's charge cycles. It holds eight M30 TB30 drone batteries and two WB37 remote controller batteries. Users can choose between three charging modes for optimal performance depending on their needs:

Standard Mode

This mode charges one pair of batteries at a time to 100% one after the other. Take note, however, that batteries degrade over time. Keeping the batteries at full charge for lengthy periods will likely hasten that degradation. In addition, batteries charge at a declining rate and charging through that final 10% can take longer. To address this, DJI’s BS30 Intelligent Charging Station provides two more charging options.

Ready-To-Fly Mode

This quickly charges each pair to 90%, taking less than 30 minutes per pair, and keeps them at 90% on standby. This is great for first responders and emergency teams who require their drones and batteries ready to handle emergency rescue missions at a moment's notice.

Storage Mode

In Storage Mode, each pair of batteries is charged up to 50% If your team has no scheduled drone flights in the near future, this mode is perfect for maintaining your battery’s health.

Integration and Compatibility With DJI’s Enterprise Ecosystem

DJI FlightHub 2 Sample InterfaceDJI FlightHub 2 Sample Interface

The DJI Matrice 30 joins two other significant additions to the DJI Enterprise ecosystem. The first is DJI Dock, an automated docking system that stores and recharges the M30, allowing for automatic missions following pre-programmed flight routes - around the clock.

The M30 also operates seamlessly with DJI Flighthub 2, a crucial tool for your drone command center that allows you to take advantage of its coordination features to maximize mission efficiency. As you may already know, DJI FlightHub 2 can act as your central flight mission management hub with which you can manage and monitor your aircraft status, ground crews, flight logs and other mission details.

Final Thoughts

The Matrice 30 and Matrice 30T's flagship-level performance leaves little to be desired for all its advanced functions. From the drone's flight efficiency, performance in extreme temperatures and harsh environments, its 41 minutes of flight time, to its DJI Dock functionality, and integration with DJI FlightHub 2, there's plenty to love. Whether your organization already has a drone program in place or you're just starting out, the M30 series is bound to be one of the best investments your organization can make this 2022. If you need help with choosing the best enterprise drones for your needs, our crew at Dronefly is here to help. For any questions, you can call us at 805-480-4033. You can also reach us by filling out our contact form here.