Wondering if you should purchase a wireless monitor for your drone? A nice accessory to have, using a wireless monitor certainly enhances the experience of flying a quadcopter. Let’s check out why this is:

First Person View From the Ground

The arguably main advantage of using a wireless monitor is to enjoy first person viewing from the ground. First person view, or FPV, is important to most drone enthusiasts, as it lets them see exactly what the drone is seeing at all times. 

Ideal For Photographers, Videographers, and More

Using a wireless monitor is ideal for photographers, videographers, farmers, and a whole host of other professionals. It allows you to capture the exact images and videos you want, and makes camera adjustments as needed.

For example, perhaps you need to angle your drone camera down to shoot a breaking wave. If you’re using a wireless monitor, you can make the adjustments you want rather than going back through your footage and discovering you can’t use any of it. You would then have to wait for your drone to charge again, which usually takes about an hour, and by that point the sun could be setting and the shot is lost for the day. Using a wireless monitor eliminates these headaches entirely and makes it easy to obtain the footage you want without wasting a whole lot of time. 

What to Look For 

If you’ve decided to purchase a wireless monitor, look for one that comes with a high resolution screen (1024x600px) and supports DNR. “No blue screen” is also something to look for, as is one that supports image rotation and Airwave and Nextwave transmitters among other things. 

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