DJI Agras RTK Dongle Connector (for DJI RC Plus)

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  • Provides RTK-level accuracy for enhanced drone navigation
  • Tailored for easy integration with DJI RC Plus
  • Enables precise marking for efficient field management
  • Essential for achieving centimeter-level precision in agriculture

Enhance your agricultural drone's navigational capabilities with the DJI Agras RTK Dongle Connector, tailored for the DJI RC Plus. This connector allows for seamless integration of an RTK dongle, providing RTK-level accuracy to the Agras controllers. By improving the precision of manual markings for obstructions, field limits, and waypoints, operators can achieve unmatched accuracy in field operations. This tool is essential for any agritech professional aiming to enhance efficiency and accuracy in their crop management practices.

  • Enhances accuracy: Connects RTK dongle to DJI RC Plus for RTK-level precision.
  • Simplified setup: Easy dongle integration for advanced navigation.
  • Centimeter-level marking: Improves accuracy of manual markings on the field.

Compatibility: Agras T10, Agras T20P, Agras T40

1x DJI Agras RTK Dongle Connector (for DJI RC Plus)

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