DJI Agras RTK Dongle (for DJI RC Plus)

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  • Delivers RTK accuracy to your drone's controller
  • Enables precise manual marking of critical points
  • Simple attachment to DJI RC Plus for Agras
  • Boosts accuracy and efficiency in agricultural operations

Upgrade your drone control with the DJI Agras RTK Dongle, specifically designed for the DJI RC Plus controller used with Agras drones. This dongle attachment allows for the precise manual marking of obstacles, field edges, or waypoints with centimeter-level accuracy, significantly improving the planning and execution of your agricultural drone flights. Tailored to enhance precision in diverse farming applications, it's the perfect tool for ensuring every flight counts.

  • Enhanced precision: Provides RTK-level accuracy for Agras controllers.
  • Centimeter-level marking: Easily mark waypoints, obstructions, and field limits manually.
  • Quick and easy setup: Attaches seamlessly to the DJI RC Plus controller.
  • Elevated farming efficiency: Achieve precise drone navigation and field management.

Compatibility: Agras T10, Agras T20P, Agras T40

1x DJI Agras RTK Dongle (for DJI RC Plus)

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