DJI Air 2S Front and Upper Vision Sensor Module

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  • Enhanced obstacle avoidance: Combines front and upper sensors for comprehensive protection.
  • Designed for DJI Air 2S: Ensures seamless integration and optimal performance.
  • Improves flight safety: Enables confident flying in complex environments.
  • Autonomous navigation support: Helps the drone adjust its path to avoid collisions.
  • Critical for aerial photography: Allows for safer operation, minimizing the risk of damage.

The DJI Air 2S Front and Upper Vision Sensor Module is an advanced component designed to significantly enhance the obstacle detection and avoidance capabilities of your DJI Air 2S drone. This module combines sensors positioned at the front and top of the drone, providing a comprehensive field of view that helps prevent collisions during flight. These sensors are critical for navigating through complex environments, allowing for safer and more confident flying, especially in tight spaces or when flying at higher altitudes. The integration of this module ensures that your Air 2S can autonomously detect obstacles, adjust its flight path accordingly, and maintain stability and safety. Tailored specifically for the DJI Air 2S, it offers seamless compatibility and is essential for capturing stunning aerial footage without the risk of collision.

Compatibility: DJI Air 2S

1x DJI Air 2S Front and Upper Vision Sensor Module

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