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DJI Cendence Remote Control w/ Free Patch Antenna

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DJI Cendence Remote Control w/ Free Patch Antenna


  • DJI Cendence Remote with Patch Antenna
  • DJI Cendence Remote with Patch Antenna

DJI Cendence Remote with Patch Antenna

  • DJI Cendence Remote with Patch Antenna
  • DJI Cendence Remote with Patch Antenna

Quick Overview

  • Designed for Inspire 2 and Matrice 200 Series (Version 1)

  • Integrated Monitor Mounting Bracket for CrystalSky

  • 10 Customizable Function Buttons

  • Dual Operator Control with Master and Slave Connection

  • HDMI, USB, SDI, and CAN Connectivity Ports

  • Limited Supply: FREE Patch antenna

    Availability: In stock

    Price: $1,399.00


    For a limited time, purchase a Cendence remote controller and receive a DJI Patch antenna free!

    This item is not compatible with Matrice 200 Series Version 2

    Patch Antenna

    The Cendence Patch Antenna can be mounted to the Cendence remote controller, allowing for high-gain signal transmission and improved reception.

    Highly Modular Remote Control System

    The DJI Cendence controller is specifically designed to be used with the CrystalSky monitor and Tracktenna for a fully integrated, high-performance remote controller. However, it does come in a modular design that allows the user to easily add and remove certain hardware components. In the event that the user requires a more customized or upgraded system, the Cendence provides the option of changing out the antenna, monitor, PCB, or battery.

    Users will also be able to maximize the use of the Cendence controller by choosing from a number of compatible (but separately available) accessories that can further improve usability and comfort.

    Control Stick Covers - full dust protection for both joysticks, which ensures fluid movements and reliable control
    Cendence Support Rig - helps support the weight of the controller, making it easier to hold during lengthy operations
    Interchangeable Device Holder - allows a smartphone or tablet to be mounted onto the controller instead of a CrystalSky monitor

    Dual Operator Capability

    The Inspire 2 series and Matrice 200 series were designed for professional or commercial applications such as public safety operations, industrial inspections, and even Hollywood-grade filmmaking. When used for such operations, it is crucial to ensure precise flight and camera control in order to meet the highly specific flight and imaging requirements that typically come with such applications. Multiple drone operators are usually required, as one will need to oversee and control drone flight so that the other can focus on controlling the camera.

    To meet the needs of these users, the Cendence remote controller offers a dual user feature that allows it to connect as a master or slave controller with another Cendence remote controller or the dedicated Inspire 2 remote controller.

    Customizable Buttons

    Along with its five analog channels, the Cendence is equipped with ten customizable buttons for improved, custom control efficiency. Users can tailor the remote controller according to their specific needs by assigning shortcut buttons for more than one setting or function at a time. These buttons also allow users to save frequently used settings, enabling quick access to functions like focus peaking, obstacle avoidance, home point resetting, and more.

    Multiple Ports

    The DJI Cendence has multiple ports for a wide range of broadcasting and expansion capabilities. The SDI and HDMI ports enable media broadcasting at high-quality 1080i50 and 720p60 resolutions, while the built-in USB-A port allows the connection of mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones.

    The integration of the CAN port unlocks the utilization of other compatible accessories, including the DJI Focus and DJI Tracktenna. While the DJI Focus allows advanced follow focusing, the Tracktenna helps ensure more reliable flights, improved data communication, and better video downlink quality by enhancing the power of the DJI Lightbridge technology and automatically pointing its antenna toward the connected drone to obtain optimum signal strength over great distances.

    • 1x DJI Cendence Remote Controller (with Patch Antenna)

    This item is not compatible with Matrice 200 Series Version 2


    Type GL800A
    Operating Frequency 2.400-2.483 GHz; 5.725-5.825 GHz
    Max Transmitting Distance (unobstructed, free of interference) 2.4 GHz: 4.3 miles (7 km, FCC); 2.2 miles (3.5 km, CE); 2.5 miles (4 km, SRRC)
    5.8 GHz: 4.3 miles (7 km, FCC); 1.2 miles (2 km, CE); 3.1 miles (5 km, SRRC)
    EIRP 2.4 GHz: 26 dBm (FCC); 17 dBm (CE); 20 dBm (SRRC)
    5.8 GHz: 28 dBm (FCC); 14 dBm (CE); 20 dBm (SRRC)
    Power Supply Intelligent Battery (Type: WB37-4920mAh-7.6V)
    Intelligent Battery 4923 mAh LiPo
    Charging DJI charger
    Output Power 20 W (supplying power to DJI CS550 monitor)
    12 W (without supplying power to monitor)
    Video Output Ports USB, HDMI, SDI
    USB Supply Power iOS: 1 A, 5.2 V (Max); Android: 1.5 A, 5.2 V (Max)
    Dual User Capability Master-and-Slave connection
    Operating Temperature -4 ° to 104 °F (-20 ° to 40 °C)
    Storage Temperature Less than 3 months: -4 ° to 113 °F (-20 °to 45 °C)
    More than 3 months: 72 °to 82 °F (22 °to 28 °C)
    Charging Temperature 32 ° to 104 °F (0 °to 40 °C)
    Charging Time About 2 hours and 24 minutes (using a 180 W charger)
    Supply Power Time About 4 hours (only Master remote controller function enabled and without supplying power to monitor)
    Weight 1041 g