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For industrial use and professional photography and videography, DJI's Matrice 600 is what you are looking for.

Part of the brand's Matrice series, the Matrice 600 was officially released in April 17, 2016. Although already 2-year old, the Matrice 600 remains a top choice for professionals due to its innovative onboard features and customizability.

The design of the Matrice 600 often called as M600 is a far-cry from the brand's consumer drones like the Phantom and Mavic. Six actively cooled rotors are equipped, giving improved stability while soaring through the air. But that's not all. A total of six batteries (you can individually switch on and off the batteries in just one push of a button) power this drone for longer flight time and ensure safer flight in case one of the batteries suddenly fail. Depending on the attached camera or gimbal, you can fly the M600 to a maximum of 36 minutes.

The M600 can also carry a 6-kilogram payload, allowing you to switch to third party cameras and DJI's gimbals and cameras - from the Ronin-Mx+ Red Epic, Ronin-Mx+Hasselblad A5D, Zenmuse Z15-GH4, Zenmuse Z15-A7, Zenmuse X5R and Zenmuse XT.

Despite the design and payload capacity, DJI made sure that the M600 is durable. Its main body is made from a tough aluminum while its arms are constructed from lightweight and high-quality carbon fiber. As for the landing gear, the legs are fully retractable so it won’t be captured during your filming. DJI also installed the drone's data to the transmission system and A3 flight controller so you can spend less time in set-up and more time flying.

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