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If you need a commercial grade drone custom-fit to your business’ needs the DJI Matrice series is what you’re looking. Formally introduced in 2015, the first model in the series, the DJI Matrice 100 is marketed as the “quadcopter for developers.” The drone is loaded with the brands software development kit (SDK) giving you access to the drones onboard computer. The drone is fully customizable with expansion bays that make adding additional batteries, zoom cameras, obstacle avoidance, and thermal sensors a breeze. You can even mount custom hardware with the universal power and communication ports. The DJI Matrice 100’s modular design and user connectivity makes this drone a great commercial option.

A year after the release of the Matrice 100, DJI introduced the Matrice 600. Just like the Matrice 100, the Matrice 600 is fully customizable. What sets it apart from its predecessor is its ability to carry a heavier payload due to its hexacopter design. This opens up the door to carry cinema grade cameras and gimbals such as the Ronin-MX and Red-Epic.

Another advantage of the Matrice 600 is that it has 6 batteries, meaning more redundancy in the case of battery failure. The Matrice 600 is the perfect drone when customizability and carrying larger payloads is a must. The Matrice 600 Pro comes with the upgraded A3 Pro flight controller giving it triple modular redundancy to aid in a more accurate control while retaining the overall safety of the aircraft. In terms of compatibility, you'll be happy to know that you can mount Zenmuse, Ronin-Mx, Focus, third party Micro Four Third cameras, and even the RED EPIC.

In 2017, DJI introduced a new commercial grade quadcopter model in the series, the Matrice 200 series which is geared toward enterprise solutions.

The Matrice 200 boasts a unique folding body and removable landing gear, making it portable and easy to set-up. It is even sub-zero temperature ready with self-warming batteries and weather sealed components making it IP43 water resistant. It is also equipped with different camera mounting options such as a mounting a camera to the top of the drone allowing for unobstructed views of structures' undersides such as bridges. In addition to a top camera mount, two cameras can be mounted on the bottom, however not at the same time as having one on top. To ensure safe flight, DJI equipped it with forward, as well as up and down obstacle avoidance sensors. The drone itself even has its own Automatic Dependent Surveillance- Broadcast (ABS-B) receiver which means that it can detect manned aircraft in the area, further increasing airspace safety.

To match the power of the M200 series, it is fully-compatible with the fixed lens X4S, interchangeable lens X5S, the XT & XT2 thermal cameras, and even the Z30 high output zoom camera. These sensors allow for precise aerial data to be gathered all while being easily integrated into the DJI software and hardware.

Currently, the M200 series is available in three models. The standard M200 features only one downward facing camera mount . The M210 on the other hand allow more versatile payload configurations, where you can mount up to two cameras simultaneously. It also has universal connectivity ports so integration with third-party sensors and gimbals is easy. Last in the series is the M210 RTK it comes with Real Time Kinematic GPS positioning, meaning you'll get better and more accurate flight. This feature also protects the aircraft from interferences from radio towers and power lines. The M210 RTK is for those who want more precise aerial GPS data with all the customizability and durability that the platform offers.