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DJI Zenmuse Z15 - BMPCC 3-Axis Gimbal

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DJI Zenmuse Z15 - BMPCC 3-Axis Gimbal


  • DJI Zenmuse Z15-BMPCC 3-Axis Gimbal
  • DJI Zenmuse Z15-BMPCC 3-Axis Gimbal
  • DJI Zenmuse Z15-BMPCC 3-Axis Gimbal
  • DJI Zenmuse Z15-BMPCC 3-Axis Gimbal

DJI Zenmuse Z15-BMPCC 3-Axis Gimbal

  • DJI Zenmuse Z15-BMPCC 3-Axis Gimbal
  • DJI Zenmuse Z15-BMPCC 3-Axis Gimbal
  • DJI Zenmuse Z15-BMPCC 3-Axis Gimbal
  • DJI Zenmuse Z15-BMPCC 3-Axis Gimbal

Quick Overview

  • Gimbal for Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

  • Professional 3-axis gimbal stabilization

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The Zenmuse Z15-BMPCC 3-Axis Gimbal for Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera from DJI performs two key functions: keeping the camera level and providing stabilization, thus helping you transform a larger multi-rotor UAV, such as the S1000, into a platform for professional aerial video and aerial photography. Featuring ±0.02° control angle accuracy, the Z15-BMPCC supports three operation modes; two optimized for aerial video and photo use and one for FPV (first person view) applications. The gimbal is operated using a dedicated stick on your transmitter (hand-held radio controller), and the receiver must have at least four free channels that can be assigned to gimbal operation.

Each version of the Z15 Gimbal is designed for a specific camera and lens combination. This version is for the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera with the Olympus M.ZUIKO Digital ED 12mm f/2.0 lens. Additionally, it is specifically balanced for this precise setup. Additions to the camera or lens, such as filters, can increase the weight and alter the weight distribution potentially damaging the gimbal.

Note: Installation may require soldering.

Compatible Hardware
The Z15 Gimbal requires a larger multi-rotor UAV aircraft, such as the S100 or S800, that has installed either the A2 or WooKong-M flight control system. Depending on the system, the Z15 Gimbal is installed in, additional separately available electronics and mounting hardware may be required. apart from the flight control system, the receiver must have at least four open channels, and the transmitter must be programmable to support gimbal operation
3-Axis Rotation Control
The control method is designed to be simple and intuitive: the gimbal-assigned transmitter stick has direct control over the relative rotation speed. The design incorporates a tail potentiometer to increase control, stability, and precision, and the internal slip rings avoid needlessly complicated wiring. Both the power and signal lines are integrated into the tubes of the gimbal, which provides unhindered control axes, allowing the gimbal to pan 360°, tilt +50 to -140°, and roll ±40°
Multiple Control Modes
Orientation-locked Control Mode: Keeps the gimbal locked with the aircraft nose direction

Non-Orientation-locked Control Mode: Gimbal point stays the same regardless of which way the nose is pointing

Back to Mid-point Mode (FPV Mode): Centrally locks the gimbal in the direction of the nose. In this mode the leveling and stabilizing functionality of the gimbal is negated
Built-in Independent IMU Module
Integration of the IMU Module helps reduce the amount of wiring required for installation. Plus, the gimbal provides a specially designed and customized video output module
Gimbal Servo Drive Module
Following in the tradition of previous Zenmuse gimbals, the Z15 features high precision control characteristics demanded by professional users. With high precision, low vibration, and high torque characteristics, this module helps provides additional camera stabilization
Windows Assistant Software
Firmware updates, diagnostic testing, and other critical maintenance will require the use of the computer-based Assistant Software. This software requires Windows 8, 7, XP SP3 in 32- or 64-bit versions
Camera Shutter Control Supported
With a properly configured transmitter it is possible to trigger the camera's shutter release remotely
Video Output for Wireless Transmission
A video feed from the Pocket Camera's HDMI port is converted to composite and relayed through the gimbal so that it can be connected to a video transmitter or OSD module for FPV and ground-end monitoring
  • 1x DJI Zenmuse Z15-BMPCC 3-Axis Gimbal
  • 1x Gimbal Control Unit (GCU)
  • 1x Lens Retaining Ring
  • 4 x Mounting Bracket
  • 1x Mounting Board for Receiver
  • 1x Cable Clamp
  • 2 x Camera Mount Screw
  • 1x Lens Retaining Screw
  • 1x Screw Package
  • 2 x 9-Pin Cable
  • 1x Camera Record Cable
  • 1x Servo Cable Package
  • 1x AV Video Power Cable
  • 1x iOSD Mark II Cable
  • 1x CAN-Bus Cable
  • 1x Spares Pack

Size and Weight



Built-In Functions
• Three Working Modes
   ◊ Orientation-locked control
   ◊ Non orientation-locked control
   ◊ FPV mode (Reset)
• Built-in independent IMU module
• DJI gimbal special servos drive module
• HDMI-AV module
• Wireless video transmission support
• Camera shutter control support
• Wide range voltage input support

Electrical & Mechanical Characteristics

Working Current
• Static current:      200mA (@25V)
• Dynamic current: 400mA (@25V)
• Locked-rotor current: 4A (@25V)
Operating Temperature
-10°C ~ 50°C
• Z15-N: 1.25Kg
• Z15-G: 1.3Kg
200mm × 200mm × 230mm
Frame Dimensions For Camera (Inside)
• Z15-N: 115mm × 75mm
• Z15-G: 142mm ×76mm
GCU BEC Output
GCU Wireless Video Transmission Power
1A @12V
GCU Weight
GCU Dimensions
64.2 mm ×34.1mm ×19.5mm

Working Performance

Load Weight (Reference Value)
336g(@Sony NEX-5N with Lens and Battery)
344g(@Sony NEX-5R with Lens and Battery)
417g(@Sony NEX-7 with Lens and Battery)
489g(@Panasonic GH2 with Lumix G14 mm/F2.5 and Battery)
534g(@Panasonic GH2 with Lumix G20 mm/F1.7 and Battery)
Controlled Angle Accuracy
Maximum Controlled Rotation Speed
Pan axis: ±130°/s
Tilt axis: ±130°/s
Roll axis: ±30°/s
Controlled Rotation Range
Pan axis control: ±360° continuous rotation
Tilt axis control: ±360° continuous rotation
Roll axis control: ±40° (±360° mechanic continuous rotation)


Supported Camera
• SONY:Nex-5N/5R/Nex-7
• Panasonic:GH-2
Supported Lens Currently
• SONY: E 16mm f/2.8(SEL16F28)
• Panasonic: Lumix G14 mm/F2.5
• Panasonic: Lumix G20 mm/F1.7
Input Power
4S~12S LiPo (Recommend 6S if with S800)
Control Requirement
Four spare receiver channels at least
Assistant Software System Requirement
Windows XP SP3; Windows 7; Windows 8

Regulatory Approvals

IC (Canada)