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Dronefly Custom Drone Build Services


Dronefly Custom Drone Build Services

Quick Overview

  • Let us take care of building your custom solution

  • Need an upgrade on your aircraft? We have you covered

  • Our experts update the firmware of your newly purchased drone

  • Our experts make sure your drone is ready to fly

  • We provide after purchase support

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Have questions? Want to see sample footage? We're here to help. Free consultations conducted by thermal specialists.


Need a custom build or an upgrade installed on your aircraft? Let us take care of it for you!

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Need help upgrading your firmware, adding an FPV modification or assembling a drone from components? Dronefly is here to help.


This is a list of common drone services we offer. If there is a service that isn't listed below that you would like us to add, feel free to let us know by email, phone or livechat! Feedback from customers like you have helped us expand our product and service offerings. It is our goal to fully support your drone operations (be it business or hobby). A majority of our services are available for a flat-rate fee (we like to keep things simple), so don't hesitate to let us know what you need help with!

firmware update

Drone Firmware Upgrade Service:

Our firmware upgrade service is available by itself if you're having a hard time getting your firmware update to complete. We also offer the updates with purchase of any new aircraft so you know your drone is ready to go as soon as you get it!

dronefly fpv installation

Dronefly FPV Pilots Camera Installation:

For crews using two operators, it is vital for the pilot to have their own view of the drone's location and orientation. Unfortunately, not all drones come equipped with FPV cameras for the pilots. But Dronefly has you covered with pilot camera options for most commercial drones. This service covers the installation, configuration, setup, and testing of our Dronefly FPV Pilots Camera on your Inspire 1, Matrice 100, Matrice 600, or other aircraft.

Matrice Professional Assembly And Testing Service:

No assembly required when you let Dronefly take over. Our expert team of technicians will assemble and test your Matrice 100 or Matrice 600. Our experience allows us us to quickly and professionally build your Matrice so you don't have to. This service covers the assembly, firmware update, activation, configuration, and testing of your Matrice series arcraft.

dji guidance install

Guidance Installation And Testing Service:

Want to add some obstacle avoidance to your Matrice 100 but aren't sure how? That's okay, we have you covered with this service that includes the installation, update, configuration, and testing of the DJI Guidance system on your drone.

drtk install

D-RTK Professional Integration:

Industrial drone use requires industrial level accuracy and anti-interference. The DJI RTK systems provide both, and we're here to get it set up on your A3 powered drone! This service covers the installation, firmware update, configuration, and testing of the D-RTK on your drone.

a3 pro install

A3 Pro Installation And Configuration:

If you are using an A3 Flight Controller, Dronefly can upgrade it to the A3 Pro system, adding accuracy and reliability with triple-redundant GPS and flight controller units!

drone propulsion

Drone Propulsion Systems Maintenance Or Upgrade Service:

Believe it or not, electric brushless motors have a limited lifespan and should be routinely maintained. Why settle for your standard factory installed motors when many drones are able to be upgraded to newer and more efficient propulsion systems. This service covers the removal of your current motors as well as installation and testing of your choice of new motors on your drone.

live video feed

Live Video Feed Integration For FPV Or Dual Pilot Operations:

For custom drones, additional equipment may be required to carry a camera and transmit the live video stream to your monitor. It's no use sending a camera up if you can't see what you're recording, and we have the expertise to make sure you have a fully functioning live video stream to ensure you get the shot every time.

  • Custom Build from experienced drone technicians
  • Firmware updates for components that require them