Drone Insurance Inspection Service

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We know that when filing an insurance claim for a drone, it's important to have proof of its condition. That's why we offer a detailed diagnosis and inspection assessment of your craft. Our expert technicians will generate a report certifying the condition of your drone, as well as an estimate of repair costs (if needed) or declaration of total loss. Plus, you'll have the opportunity to upgrade to our Repair Service with a 10% discount. Contact us today to get started!


Why do drones need insurance?


It can be a considerable investment to purchase a drone. A collision or crash can severely damage these complex, expensive pieces of technical equipment. Insurance for your drone is an important part of protecting your investment, just like it is for cars, homes, and other costly purchases.

To file an insurance claim, however, can be quite complicated. In order to receive the proper compensation, you will need an accurate report on the incident and the condition of your craft.

An expert drone technician will thoroughly inspect the drone and provide a detailed report of its condition, along with supporting images, flight logs, data logs, or footage. Our appraiser will collect and format all the information into a certified insurance appraisal ready to be sent to your insurance company.

To ensure that you can get back in the air as soon as possible, our inspection process is designed to be quick and straightforward.

  1. Purchase the Insurance Inspection Service from our website.
  2. Send your drone to us.
  3. Get a detailed, certified assessment report that you can provide to your insurer!
  4. If you chose to have it repaired, you will receive a 10% discount!

DSLRPros Insurance Inspection Service

DSLRPros Insurance Inspection Service

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