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  1. SKU#: B-NB-M300UPD
    MFG#:DJI Matrice 300 + Zenmuse H20, FLIR Vue TZ20, Airdata, Pix4Dreact & More

    Quick Overview

    • Includes everything necessary for police operations with M300
    • Zenmuse H20 & Vue TZ20 for ultimate operational awareness
    • 9.3 miles max transmission range
    • 55 minute max flight time with hot swappable batteries
    • 6 directional sensing and positioning
    • IP45 water + dust protection in -4°F to 122°F Operating temperatures
    • Includes DJI Care Enterprise protection plan
    • Includes 1 Day of Free In-Person Training
  2. SKU#: B-NB-M3003D
    MFG#:Matrice 300 RTK + Zenmuse P1, RTK Base Station, Extra Batteries & More

    Quick Overview

    • RTK For Centimeter Level Accuracy
    • Zenmuse P1 Gimbal Included
    • DJI Enterprise Care Included
    • DJI Terra Mapping Software Included
  3. SKU#: B-NB-ULT-3D
    MFG#:DJI Matrice 210 RTK + Zenmuse X7, Case, Extra Batteries & More

    Quick Overview

    • Built-in RTK-G for centimeter level accuracy
    • Includes DRTK-2 Mobile Station
    • Includes DJI Care Enterprise crash protection
    • Zenmuse X7 - 24MP camera
    • Compatible with DJI Terra
    • Up to 38 Minutes of Flight Time
    • IP43 water and dust resistant
    • Advanced Obstacle Sensing
    • 2-Axis Stabilized FPV Camera
    • Get yours today as low as $24,999!
  4. SKU#: B-NB-M200RB-EAOP
    MFG#:DJI Matrice 200 V2 (Refurbished) + FoxFury Lights, CrystalSky & More

    Quick Overview

    • Refurbished Matrice 200 V2
    • Built In FPV Camera
    • DJI Cendence Remote Included
    • Set of FoxFury Lights Included
    • Landing Pad
    • Choice of Payload
  5. SKU#: B-NB-AMP-R
    MFG#:DJI P4 Multispectral RTK w/ Base Station + Case, Extra Batteries & More

    Quick Overview

    • Centimeter-level accurate multispectral imaging
    • Includes DJI Care Enterprise Crash Protection
    • Integrated spectral sunlight detector
    • Live RGB & NDVI view
    • Quickly create high-quality Multispectral maps
    • Includes 1 year licenses for DJI Terra & GS Pro
  6. SKU#: B-NB-E2DUS
    MFG#:Autel EVO II Dual + Extra Batteries, Prop Guards, Tablet Mount & More

    Quick Overview

    • A Complete Public Safety Solution in a Compact Form Factor
    • Dual Camera System: Thermal and Visible
    • 640x512 High-Resolution Thermal Imaging
    • 8K Video. 48MP stills, 4x Lossless Zoom
    • Extend Your Missions with 40 Minutes of Flight Time
    • 5.5 Mile Video Transmission Range
    • Made in the USA
    • No Geo-Fencing
  7. SKU#: B-AR-E2D
    MFG#:Autel Evo II Dual 640 Drone - Rugged Bundle

    Quick Overview

    • 40 minute flight time
    • Absolutely no geo-fencing
    • 5.5 mi transmission range
    • Dual thermal & visible sensors
    • High-resolution thermal image
    • Compact folding design

    As low as: $9,998.00

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  8. SKU#: B-NB-P4RB
    MFG#:DJI Phantom 4 RTK w/ Base Station + Case, Extra Batteries & More

    Quick Overview

    • Everything you need to get reliable, accurate results
    • Map up to 3mi² without needing to recharge batteries
    • Includes DJI Care Enterprise
    • Includes GPC water and dust-proof case
    • Up to 2 cm relative vertical accuracy
    • Up to 1.20 cm relative horizontal accuracy
    • High accuracy with few to no GCPs
    • Meets requirements for ASPRS Accuracy Standards for Digital Orthophotos Class Ⅲ
  9. SKU#: B-DJI-P4RTK
    MFG#:DJI Phantom 4 RTK Drone

    Quick Overview

    • 1cm+1ppm RTK Horizontal Positioning Accuracy
    • Includes DJI Care Enterprise
    • TimeSync to continually align flight controller
    • Individually calibrated lens
    • Purpose-built Flight Planning App
    • Supports Mobile SDK
    • Includes D-RTK 2 Ground Station
    • Ocusync transmission system

    As low as: $8,419.00

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  10. SKU#: B-NB-M2IS-A
    MFG#:DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced + RTK Module, Fly More Kit & More

    Quick Overview

    • Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced - Dual Visual and Thermal Gimbal
    • Smart Controller with built-in screen
    • Additional Batteries and Propellers Included
    • Includes RTK Module
    • DJI Care Insurance Included

    As low as: $7,903.99

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Items 1 to 10 of 23 total