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Shop Inspired Flight Drones, Parts, and AccesoriesShop Inspired Flight Drones, Parts, and Accesories

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Discover Inspired Flight: Innovation in American-Made UAVs

About Inspired Flight

Inspired Flight's story began in 2017 in San Luis Obispo, CA, with a mission to revolutionize the UAV parts market. Starting as a manufacturer of high-quality UAV motors and speed controllers, they quickly recognized the potential to expand into complete UAV platforms. Their dedication to American manufacturing has made Inspired Flight a prominent name in the domestic sUAS industry.

With a team of purpose-driven professionals, Inspired Flight is committed to leading the American small Uncrewed Aerial Systems industry. Their mission to conserve resources, save lives, and create jobs drives their innovation and dedication to quality and safety.

Dronefly proudly offers the IF800 Tomcat from Inspired Flight:

  • IF800 Tomcat Commercial Drone: Engineered for versatility, the IF800 Tomcat is a medium-lift autonomous UAS perfect for a variety of industrial applications including photogrammetry, surveying, search and rescue, and inspections. It supports payloads up to 6.6 lbs, can withstand winds up to 23 knots, and reaches speeds up to 49 mph, with a maximum flight time of 54 minutes.

Explore Inspired Flight’s innovative UAV solutions at Dronefly and elevate your operations with cutting-edge American technology.

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