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Enterprise UAS - UAS Pilot Training (2 Days)

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Enterprise UAS - UAS Pilot Training (2 Days)


Enterprise UAS - UAS Pilot Training (2 Days)

Quick Overview

  • Browse our selection of training courses below

  • Course 1 - Skills & Part 107 Training

  • Course 2 - NIST/NFPA

  • Course 3 - Emergency Response

  • Course 4 - Energy Industry

  • Course 5 - Agriculture Industry

  • Course 6 - DJI Matrice 210

  • Custom Program Packages

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UAS Pilot - Licensing and Training (2 Day)

You’re ready to get your organization started in making the most of UAS technology, and the next step is to get your people trained and ready to go as drone pilots. The Enterprise UAS drone pilot training courses are the perfect way to get your UAS program up and running, and set your pilots up to do their job with confidence. Course offerings range from basic flight and maintenance skills to industry-specific practical applications.

Everything about our drone training is catered to your specific situation and needs, even down to our trainers coming to your location. In a two-day training session, we cover the topics and skill areas that are most relevant to your organization or operation. Customizable options for course content are outlined below, or we can work with you to create even more specialized training from an expert in your industry.

Our basic skills course includes hands-on flight skills training, and instruction and training with the use of a basic payload such as the Zenmuse XT. We walk your pilots through what to expect on the Part 107 exam through a test prep course, and even handle the FAA test center scheduling and cover your test fees.

If a NIST/NFPA 2400 Test Lane is something you’re looking to implement for training and testing your pilots, we have the know-how to help you get that put in place. While you provide the necessary flight space and building materials, we help you get it set up to fulfill necessary specs. Additionally, we provide the expertise in learning to administer exams, and have proper documentation to record and report test results and times.

Our more advanced skills courses focus on particular industries, as they require specialized pilot skills. Industry focus areas include Public Safety Drone Training, Energy Industry Training, and Agriculture Industry Training. In each of these course offerings, due to the two-day course length, topics for focused instruction need to be limited to specific target areas, so we can work with you to determine which topics are most relevant and necessary in your situation. We also offer focused training on the use of the DJI Matrice 210 with various payloads and control systems, including thermal imaging, to help your pilots gain skills and confidence in advanced flight systems.

Whatever you’re looking for, our courses offer the expertise and training you need to help get your UAS program off the ground!

Course 1 - Skills & Part 107 Training

  • Part 107 Test Prep Online / In Person
  • FAA Testing Center Scheduling and Fees included
  • Guaranteed to pass (up to 2 tries each)
  • 1-Day Basic Flight Skills Training (Hands-On)
  • 1-Day Basic DJI Payload (Zenmuse XT Training)
  • A lost-link procedures document

Course 2 - NIST/NFPA

  • NIST/NFPA 2400 Test Lane Setup Guidance
  • Build Materials not Included
  • Learn to document and proctor exams
  • Record and report testing results and times

Course 3 - Emergency Response

Public Safety Training Options (Choose 2-4 options)

  • Emergency Incident Management Monitoring Natural Disasters
  • Search and Rescue + Payload Release
  • Firefighting and Hotspot Observation Identification of Hazardous materials (HAZMAT)
  • Crime Scene & Accident Reconstruction
  • Pre/Post-Disaster Photos and Documentation
  • SWAT & Indoor Tactical Flying 

Course 4 - Energy Industry

Energy Industry Training Options (Choose 2 options)

  • Powerline Solar
  • Panel Wind
  • Turbine 

Course 5 - Agriculture Industry

AG Industry Training Options (Choose 2 options)

  • senseFly eBee X Training
  • Assess crop stress and growth overtime
  • Learn Pix4Dfields software
  • Learn Micasense multispectral imaging 

Course 6 - DJI Matrice 210

  • DJI Zenmuse XT2
  • DJI Zenmuse Z30
  • DJI Cendence + Cystalsky
  • Understanding Thermography & IR Camera Settings
  • Basic flight skills training 

Custom Program Packages

  • Customize from any options above
  • Or request specialized training from an instructor in your industry

Why choose Enterprise UAS?

Our training consultants will come to you!

It doesn’t make sense to send 4 –6 people out of state or region for a training class when it makes more sense for our trainers to come to you.

We work around your schedule!

Organizing individual schedules around a training class date can be challenging. We’re happy to work around your schedule.

We provide experienced consultants from your industry!

We will match you with a training consultant who works in your industry. A cinema UAV pilot is not the best trainer for a public safety pilot and we “get that”!

We build a customized training curriculum around your needs!

Each organization has different UAV aircraft and varying levels of experience and skills. We build a tailored curriculum that meets your unique needs.

  • Part 107 Online Training Portal for 6 students ($300 cost per student included)
  • FAA Testing Fee for 6 students ($150 cost per student included)
  • Hands-on flight and skills training under NIST (NFPA2400) standards
  • Hands-on flight skills training for emergency ops (e.g. SAR, Incident Management, SWAT, many more.)
  • Customized training agenda based on your organization's needs