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Enterprise UAS - UAS Program Development Consulting (2-Days)

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Enterprise UAS - UAS Program Development Consulting (2-Days)


Enterprise UAS - UAS Program Development Consulting (2-Days)

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  • Course 1 - Blanket COA

  • Course 2 - Upgrade COA

  • Course 3 - Add Missions to COA

  • Course 4 - Developing a Program

  • Custom Program Packages

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UAS Program - Creation and Development (2 Day)

Perhaps your organization already has a drone training program in place, or your pilots already have the skills necessary to do the required work adequately, but you’re looking to upgrade your in-house training program, or obtain or upgrade your COA (Certificate of Authorization). The Enterprise UAS training program has what you need to achieve these goals, and get your drone program to the next level.

Many public safety organizations and government entities find that it works best for their program to operate under a COA, rather than to have each individual pilot qualify for and pass the Part 107 exam. Under a blanket COA, the following guidelines must be observed: the drone must operate within the visual line of sight of the pilot; visual observers must be used at all times; operations must occur during the day; the drone must remain below 200 feet above ground level (AGL); the drone must stay 2-5 nautical miles away from all public-use airports or heliports; the drone must be registered and display its aircraft registration number; a Notice to Airmen must typically be issued for each operation. If these restrictions prove cumbersome for your operations, one option is to upgrade your Blanket COA to a Jurisdictional COA, which allows drones to be operated in certain controlled airspaces. Another option to allow for more flexibility in your operations is to add specific Missions to your COA.

Before initiating the process of applying for a COA, it is important to make sure your drone training program will meet all the requirements for a successful application. Our Course 4 offering (listed below) will guide you through implementing or improving your Standard Operating Procedures, new pilot training program, maintenance schedule, preflight checklists, flight logs, and more, to ensure that your program is up to scratch and that you can be granted your COA the first time through.

The process of applying for a COA, or adding an upgrade or a mission, can be complicated and confusing. Our experts have been through the process (many times!), and can work with you to get all the groundwork laid, and paperwork taken care of, so you don’t have to worry about whether things are being done right. Whether it’s applying for your Blanket COA, or trying to figure out whether an upgrade or an added mission is what you need, we have the expertise to walk you through the process.

Course 1 - Blanket COA

  • Building your program around a Blanket COA
  • Includes necessary SOGs/SOPs
  • Includes processes for Flight Log Management
  • Includes process for NOTAM/LAANC procedures QEP for Public Safety Packages

Course 2 - Upgrade COA

  • Upgrade your Blanket COA to Jurisdictional COA

Course 3 - Add Missions to COA

  • Includes new process (SOGs/SOPs) for COA upgrade

Course 4 - Developing a Program

  • Set Up Standard Operating Procedures
  • Training New Pilots Program Development
  • Maintenance Schedule Program Development
  • Standardized Preflight UAS Checklists
  • Flight Logs and Data Management
  • Crew Resource Management

Custom Program Packages

  • Customize from any options above
  • Or request specialized training from an instructor in your industry

Why choose Enterprise UAS?

Our training consultants will come to you!

It doesn’t make sense to send 4 –6 people out of state or region for a training class when it makes more sense for our trainers to come to you.

We work around your schedule!

Organizing individual schedules around a training class date can be challenging. We’re happy to work around your schedule.

We provide experienced consultants from your industry!

We will match you with a training consultant who works in your industry. A cinema UAV pilot is not the best trainer for a public safety pilot and we “get that”!

We build a customized training curriculum around your needs!

Each organization has different UAV aircraft and varying levels of experience and skills. We build a tailored curriculum that meets your unique needs.

We include 12-months of on-going white-glove support!

Every consulting agreement includes 12-months of white-glove support. Having problems with your aircraft? Call us, text us, or schedule a video conference. Need advice writing a new SOG (Standard Operating Guideline)? We’re here for you.

  • Guidance and assistance with COA application process
  • Internal training program to self-certify pilots
  • Process for managing aircraft under COA
  • Internal Standard Operating Guidelines (SOGs) for ConOps
  • Customized agenda based on your organization's needs
  • 12 months of white-glove technical and consulting support (phone, email, video conference)