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Shop Autel EVO II Series Drones, Parts and Accessories

Shop Autel EVO II Drone, Parts and Accessories


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  1. SKU#: S-AR-E2-DG
    MFG#:Autel EVO II - Dual 640 Gimbal Camera

    Quick Overview

    • EO/IR Camera & Gimbal for EVO II series
    • Easily swappable for all EVO II drones
    • Dynamic 48MP still photos
    • High-resolution thermal imaging
  2. SKU#: B-AR-E2PRO
    MFG#:Autel Robotics EVO II Pro 6K Rugged Bundle

    Quick Overview

    • Compact folding drone with unmatched imaging capabilities
    • Absolutely no geo-fencing
    • 1" sensor offering 6K video resolution
    • Adjustable aperture for ultimate image control
    • 360° Obstacle avoidance
    • 4K HDR
    • Includes FREE 1 year Pix4Dreact license

    As low as: $2,095.00

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  3. SKU#: S-AR-SC
    MFG#:Autel Smart Controller

    Quick Overview

    • Controller with large, built-in ultra bright screen
    • Compatible with all EVO II (V2) Series drones
    • 7.9" Built-In 2K Display
    • Maximum 2000nit brightness
    • 4.5hr Operating time (3hr at max brightness)
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  4. SKU#: S-AR-E2-6KG
    MFG#:Autel EVO II - 6K Gimbal Camera

    Quick Overview

    • Easily swappable on EVO II drones
    • 1-inch sensor
    • Adjustable aperture
    • 4K HDR shot Super night shot
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  5. SKU#: S-FF-E2EXO
    MFG#:Autel EVO II - FoxFury D100 Exolander Payload Delivery System

    Quick Overview

    • Drone spotlight and payload drop system for EVO II drones
    • 2,300 Lumen focused light
    • Allows EVO II to carry up to 1lb payloads
    • Does not include Autel EVO II Drone
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  6. SKU#: S-AR-E2-8KG
    MFG#:Autel EVO II - 8K Gimbal Camera

    Quick Overview

    • Easily swappable on EVO II drones
    • 48MP photos
    • 4K 10-bit HDR
    • 6K SOOC Instant focusing
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  7. SKU#: S-AR-E2-OTGB
    MFG#:Autel EVO II - On-The-Go Bundle

    Quick Overview

    • Shoulder Bag (x1)
    • EVO II Battery (x1)
    • EVO II Low-Noise Propellers (Two Pairs)

    Regular Price: $354.00

    Special Price $299.00

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  8. SKU#: S-AR-E2-BAT
    MFG#:Autel EVO II - Battery

    Quick Overview

    • Flight battery for Autel EVO II series drones
    • 7100mAh Li-Po
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  9. SKU#: S-NB-E26K-FLTR
    MFG#:Freewell Autel Evo II 6K - Filters (8-Pack)

    Quick Overview

    • Hand-crafted for use with EVO II 6K
    • GimbalSafe technology ensures no gimbal damage
    • Waterproof, dustproof, oilproof, scratch-resistant
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  10. SKU#: B-AR-E2-SDL
    MFG#:Autel EVO II - FoxFury Saddle (7 position)

    Quick Overview

    • Compatible with EVO II series drones
    • Can carry up to 7 FoxFury D3060 lights at a time
    • Lights not included

    As low as: $99.95

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Items 1 to 10 of 28 total