Autel EVO II Dual/640T Gimbal Guard

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  • Tailored Protection: Designed specifically for the Autel EVO II Dual/640T models.
  • Durable Material: Guards against impacts, dust, and water, ensuring safety in various environments.
  • Lightweight Design: Offers protection without compromising flight performance.
  • Easy Installation: Quick to attach and remove, facilitating hassle-free use.
  • Essential Accessory: Ideal for maintaining the integrity of your drone's gimbal and camera.

The Autel EVO II Dual/640T Gimbal Guard is a specially designed accessory that offers paramount protection for the gimbal and camera system of your Autel EVO II Dual or 640T drone. Crafted from durable materials, this guard shields the sensitive components from impacts, dust, and water splashes, ensuring your equipment remains safe during transportation and in challenging flight conditions. Its lightweight design ensures that it does not add significant weight or interfere with the drone's performance, maintaining optimal flight dynamics. Easy to install and remove, this gimbal guard is an essential piece of equipment for professionals and hobbyists alike who demand the best protection for their drone's imaging system, preserving the quality of their aerial footage.

Compatible with Autel EVO II Dual/640T

1x Autel EVO II Dual/640T Gimbal Guard

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