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Flir Dji

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  1. SKU#: B-DJI-M600P-S1-DPR
    MFG#:DJI Matrice 600 Pro + Gremsy S1 + Flir Duo Pro Single Pilot Aerial Kit

    Quick Overview

    • 27 minute Max Flight Flight Time
    • Simultaneous Thermal and Optical imaging solution
    • Optional RTK for cm-level precision
    • Starting as low as $14,000
    MFG#:Flir Duo Pro R

    Quick Overview

    • High-Resolution Thermal (infrared) and 4K Color (visible) Imaging
    • Visible Sensor Resolution 4000 x 3000
    • 336 x 256 or 640 x 512 Thermal Sensor Resolution
    • 56° x 45° Field of View
    • 30 Hz Thermal Frame Rate
    • Live Analog and Digital Video Output
    • Uncooled VOx Microbolometer (Tau 2 Thermal Sensor)
    • Multiple IMU Sensors with GPS & GLONASS
    • MSX® Blended Image and Detail Enhancement
    • Integration with MAVLink-Compatible Flight Controllers

    As low as: $4,499.00

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    MFG#:FLIR Tools+ Reporting Software

    Quick Overview

    • Pair and group FLIR thermal images and digital photos independent of when or how the separate images were originally captured.
    • Stitch FLIR IR images (including MSX™) regardless of the order they were taken to help you measure and paint the complete thermal picture in one full scene (minimum 30% overlap).
    • Record and replay thermal video sequences, create a temporal plot with the recording, and export the sequence to AVI.
    • FLIR Tools+ merges the power of FLIR Reporter with improved speed, allowing you to create a Microsoft Word report 50% faster.
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3 Item(s)