Freewell 4K Series Standard Day Filter 4-Pack Set for DJI Action 2

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  • Includes ND8, ND16, ND36, CPL filters
  • Enhance clarity in outdoor photography
  • Designed for sunlit conditions
  • Effectively reduces light and eliminates reflections
  • Crafted with premium optical glass
  • Features 16 layers of coating for durability
  • Equipped with a lightweight aluminum frame
  • Convenient magnetic quick-swap installation

Enhance the outdoor performance of your DJI Action 2 across a range of lighting conditions, from cloudy to sunny days, with the 4K Series Standard Day Filter Set by Freewell. This set comprises three neutral density filters and one circular polarizer filter, offering adaptability for your camera's lens. These filters serve multiple purposes by reducing the amount of light hitting the sensor, thus allowing for slower shutter speeds and reducing glare from naturally reflective objects. Notably, the neutral density filters effectively address the "Jello" effect caused by a rolling shutter.

The convenience of magnetic quick-swap installation simplifies the process of switching out filters, ensuring a seamless workflow. With sixteen layers of multicoated optical glass, these filters exhibit exceptional durability, with resistance against scratches, dust, and oil. Their lightweight yet robust construction features aircraft-grade CNC aluminum casing for added durability.

Key Filters in the Set:

  • ND8: Reduces light by 3 f-stops for use in cloudy daylight applications.
  • ND16: Reduces light by 4 f-stops for normal daylight applications.
  • ND32: Reduces light by 5 f-stops for very bright daylight conditions, allowing for slower shutter speeds to add natural motion blur to your videos.
  • Circular Polarized Lens: Effectively prevents unwanted glare from naturally reflective surfaces like windows, snow, or bodies of water.

Specification Details
Product Name Freewell FW-OA2-STD
Material of Construction Optical Glass, CNC Aluminum
Camera Compatibility DJI Action 2

  • 1x ND8 Filter
  • 1x ND16 Filter
  • 1x ND36 Filter
  • 1x Freewell Circular Polarizer Camera Lens Filter for DJI Action 2

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