Freewell Bright Day - 4K Series - 4Pack Filters Compatible with Hero10, Hero9 Black

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  • ND8/PL, ND16/PL, ND32/PL & ND64/PL Set: Versatile hybrid filters for sunny conditions.
  • Reduce Light and Eliminate Reflections: These filters effectively cut light and prevent reflections.
  • Magnetic Filter Case: Conveniently includes a magnetic filter case.
  • Waterproof, Scratchproof, Oilproof: Ensures durability and protection against the elements.

Freewell's 4K Series Bright Day Filter Set is a comprehensive kit comprising ND8/PL, ND16/PL, ND32/PL, and ND64/PL hybrid filters, complemented by a magnetic filter case. These filters effectively reduce the amount of light hitting the camera sensor and mitigate reflections from shiny outdoor surfaces like glass windows and water bodies. Crafted with ultralightweight aluminum frames and multi-coated glass optics, they boast waterproof, dustproof, scratchproof, and oilproof properties, ensuring durability and optimal image quality.

The ND8/PL filter reduces light by three f-stops, enhancing accuracy in sunlit skies, while its PL aspect prevents reflective surface glare. In contrast, the ND16/PL filter cuts light by four stops for bright conditions, and the ND32/PL filter by five stops for very bright settings while addressing reflections. The ND64/PL filter, reducing light by six stops, facilitates capturing moving outdoor elements like clouds and rivers with a natural motion blur, and its PL feature continues to combat reflections from reflective surfaces, adding versatility to your photography and videography options.

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