Freewell Magnetic Step Up Filter Adapter Ring 58mm-72mm

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  • Versatile filter solution for photographers.
  • Seamlessly attaches 72mm rear-threaded filters to 58mm front-threaded lenses, expanding creative possibilities.
  • Supports magnetic adaptation for easy attachment of Freewell's 72mm magnetic filters, streamlining filter changes.
  • Enhances workflow efficiency in photography scenarios.

Freewell's 58-72mm Magnetic Step-Up Ring offers photographers a versatile solution for their filter needs. It enables the seamless attachment of threaded filters with 72mm rear threads to lenses featuring 58mm front threads, expanding filter compatibility and creative possibilities. Additionally, the ring supports magnetic adaptation; by first securing it onto a lens with 58mm front threads, photographers can effortlessly attach Freewell's 72mm magnetic filters to the front of the ring, streamlining filter changes and enhancing workflow efficiency. This dual-functioning accessory simplifies filter usage and maximizes convenience in various photography scenarios.

Freewell FW-SU-58-72 Specs

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Ring Material Aluminum

1x Freewell Magnetic Step Up Filter Adapter Ring 58mm-72mm

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