Freewell Magnetic Step-Up Ring (55-67mm)

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  • Versatile adapter: Enables use of 67mm threaded filters on 55mm lenses.
  • Magnetic compatibility: Facilitates magnetic attachment of Freewell's 67mm filters.
  • Easy to use: Screw onto lens for threaded filters or magnetically attach for quick changes.
  • Dual functionality: Offers flexibility between threaded and magnetic filter use.
  • Enhanced creativity: Expands your filter options, allowing for greater photographic experimentation.

The Freewell Magnetic Step-Up Ring (55-67mm) is a versatile tool designed to enhance your photography experience by facilitating the attachment of threaded and magnetic filters to your lenses. This innovative adapter allows for the seamless use of 67mm rear-threaded filters on lenses with 55mm front threads, expanding your filter compatibility and creative possibilities. For those who prefer the convenience of magnetic filters, this step-up ring serves as the perfect bridge. Simply screw the adapter onto your lens's 55mm front threads, and you're ready to magnetically attach any of Freewell's 67mm magnetic filters. This dual-functionality makes it an essential accessory for photographers looking to quickly and efficiently adapt their filter setup to varying shooting conditions without compromising on quality or convenience.

Freewell FW-SU-55-67 Specs

  • Ring Material: Aluminum

  • Freewell Magnetic Step-Up Ring (55-67mm)
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

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