Freewell Mist 1/4 Variable ND Filters (2-Pack, 2-9 Stops) for DJI Mavic 2 Pro

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  • Designed for DJI Mavic 2 Pro Drone
  • Enhance Cinematic Look of Digital Footage
  • Includes 1 x VND 2-5 Stop Filter (ND4 to ND32)
  • Also Includes 1 x VND 6-9 Stop Filter (ND64 to ND512)
  • Easy Adjustment Between Stops with a Twist
  • Crafted from High-Definition Optical Glass
  • Each Filter Features 16 Layers of Multicoating
  • Comes with a Hard Case and Cleaning Cloth

Freewell offers a versatile solution for videographers and drone enthusiasts with their Mist 1/4 Variable ND Filters designed for the DJI Mavic 2 Pro. These two filters are not only about protection but also aim to bring a cinematic quality to your video footage. By reducing highlights and creating soft glows around lights, they effectively diminish the harshness typically associated with digital video, lending your footage a more film-like appearance.

What sets these filters apart is their variable ND functionality, allowing you to adjust the level of light reduction to suit various lighting conditions. The 2 to 5-stop (ND4 to ND32) VND mist filter is ideal for cloudy to normal daytime shooting, while the 6 to 9-stop (ND64 to ND512) filter excels in extremely bright conditions. Their versatility and the ability to switch between light reductions on each filter with a simple twist make them a convenient addition to your kit, reducing the need for multiple filters and saving valuable space in your bag.

Furthermore, these filters are constructed with high-definition optical glass and benefit from a 16-layer multicoating, ensuring not only the softening effects but also maintaining image quality. Whether you're capturing aerial footage or shooting on the ground, these Mist 1/4 Variable ND Filters offer an efficient way to enhance your videos and achieve a cinematic look.

Specification Details
Product Name Freewell MP2-VNDXMIST
Stops 2 to 5 Stops, 6 to 9 Stops

  • 1x VND 2-5 Stop Filter, ND4 to ND32
  • 1x VND 6-9 Stop Filter, ND64 to ND512

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