Freewell Variable VND 2-5 Stop, 6-9 Stop Filter Compatible with Air 2S Drone

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  • Versatile ND filter: 2-5 stops & 6-9 stops for precise exposure control.
  • Extensive ND range: ND2 to ND512 for various lighting conditions.
  • Perfect for daytime filming: Ideal for bright daylight footage.
  • Robust & lightweight build: Gimbal-safe and lightweight.
  • Durable protection: Oil, dust, and scratch-resistant coating.

Elevate your control over ambient lighting in your DJI Air 2S footage with Freewell's 2-pack of Hard-Stop Variable Neutral Density Filters. These ND filters are indispensable for achieving exceptional photos and videos, particularly in well-lit settings. Offering precise light control for your gimbal's sensors, they provide enhanced creative flexibility and professional-quality results. What makes them stand out is their unique adjustability, eliminating the need for removal. One filter offers 2 to 5 stops of light reduction, while the second provides an impressive 6 to 9 stops, equivalent to ND2 to ND512 filters, suitable for varying lighting conditions. These filters also feature Freewell's GimbalSafe technology for a lightweight design that doesn't impact gimbal performance, and they're coated for color neutrality, dust, scratch, and oil resistance, ensuring consistently excellent image quality.

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