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All of the sensors you need - in one.

Dronefly specializes in cost-effective thermal drone solutions for many different industries. We have worked with hundreds of municipalities, state, and federal agencies; and understand the different use cases and purchase process. We are ready to work with you to understand your infrared drone missions, use cases, operational budgets, and support needs. Check out some of the thermal drone kits we have put together below. If you are new to thermal drones or need some guidance we are more than happy to help! Give us a call or click on and fill out the request info form below.


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Watch and Learn About The Zenmuse H20T

We understand that deciding which commercial drone solution is right for your organization isn't as simple as just picking one from a hat. That's why we want to give you the tools to help you make an informed decision. Check our understanding thermal drones blog and info below to learn more about our entire line of thermal drone solutions, and if you still need some guidance, our experts are available to compare options M-F 7AM - 5PM PST

Introducing the M300 + H20T

Our friends over at DSLRPros put together this video showcasing multiple amazing new features and capabilities unlocked with the H20T.

How To Use the H20T Infrared Camera

One of the main advantages of utilizing the H20T is that it has so many sensors in one unit. This video explains specifically how to use the integrated high-resolution thermal camera.

More About Zenmuse H20T

The H20T sensor with the Radiometric thermal camera is especially useful in Firefighting and Search and Rescue missions. In an urban setting, the drone and sensor can be used to fly over a structure fire and see through the smoke using the thermal camera. This gives the command center added information and can eliminate uncertainty while helping to coordinate engine companies’ fire and ground operations all maintaining a safe distance.

With all of its sensors and brand-new capabilities, the Zenmuse H20T can be used for a multitude of purposes across many different industries, but is espescially useful for Public Safety operations. See use cases from our public safety drone blog.