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Micasense RedEdge-MX

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Micasense RedEdge-MX


Micasense RedEdge-MX

Quick Overview

  • High-Precision Multispectral Drone Sensor Kit

  • Five Spectral Bands: Red, Green, Blue, Red, Red Edge, NIR

  • High Resolution of 8 cm/pixel at 400ft (120m)

  • Capture Rate of 1/sec (all bands)

  • RGB (Color) Images and Vegetation Index Maps

  • Digital Surface Model (DSM) and Chlorophyll Maps

  • Operates in Temperatures up to 50℃ (122℉)

  • Removable WiFi Module

  • SD Card Slot and Multiple Ports

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Calibrated for Precise Measurements

The RedEdge-M by Micasense is a professional multispectral sensor camera that is specifically designed for agricultural operations. It can be attached to almost any drone and aids in spotting problems such as nutrient deficiencies and diseases in crops from high up in the air, thanks to its five built-in narrow spectral bands: red, green, blue, red, red edge, and near-infrared. It allows agricultural professionals to take accurate, repeatable measurements and collect other necessary data during each flight to come up with everything from basic plant health indexes to advanced analytics.

Multi-Layered Results

Results are presented in multiple layered outputs so you can easily compare them between months and seasons. These include the Chlorophyll Map for accurately measuring plant health and vigor, the Digital Surface Model (DSM) for evaluating surface properties and water flow, the popular NDVI layer for comparing the reflectance of the red band and the near-infrared band, and the RGB (color) images.

Easy & Flexible Integration

The RedEdge-M integrates into almost any drone and turns it into a reliable tool for agricultural productivity and success. It’s powerful, compact, and extremely lightweight at only 170 grams, which means the aircraft will not have any payload issues once the RedEdge-M is mounted.

With no moving parts, it is built to last for a long time—even in the harshest environments.

  • RedEdge-MX
  • Downwelling Light Sensor 2 (DLS2)
  • GPS/Mag module
  • Calibrated Reflectance Panel
  • Hard carrying case
  • Weight: 170 grams (6 oz) (includes DLS and cables)
  • Dimensions: 9.4 cm x 6.3 cm x 4.6 cm (3.7 in x 2.5 in x 1.8 in)
  • External Power: 4.2 V DC - 15.6 V DC, 4 W nominal, 8 W peak
  • Spectral Bands: Blue, green, red, red edge, near-IR (global shutter, narrowband)
  • RGB Color Output: Global shutter, aligned with all bands
  • Ground Sample Distance (GSD): 8 cm per pixel (per band) at 120 m (~400 ft) AGL
  • Capture Rate: 1 capture per second (all bands), 12-bit RAW
  • Interfaces: Serial, 10/100/1000 ethernet, removable Wi-Fi, external trigger, GPS, SDHC
  • Field of View: 47.2° HFOV
  • Triggering Options: Timer mode, overlap mode, external trigger mode (PWM, GPIO, serial, and Ethernet options), manual capture mode