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Shop NDVI/NDRE Cameras

Shop NDVI/NDRE Drone Cameras
Top NDVI/NDRE & Multispectral Cameras: Parrot Bluegrass, Sequoia+ Sensor, Micasense Altum, Micasense Rededge-M


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    MFG#:MicaSense Altum

    Quick Overview

    • Simultaneous capture of 5 discrete bands + thermal
    • High-resolution multispectral images
    • 2.5x higher resolution than RedEdge-M
    • Brand-new DLS 2 for unparalleled calibration accuracy
    • Radiometric spectral and thermal imagers
    • Available with or without DJI PSDK compatibility
    • Rugged design with no moving parts
    MFG#:Micasense RedEdge-MX

    Quick Overview

    • High-Precision Multispectral Drone Sensor Kit
    • Five Spectral Bands: Red, Green, Blue, Red, Red Edge, NIR
    • High Resolution of 8 cm/pixel at 400ft (120m)
    • Capture Rate of 1/sec (all bands)
    • RGB (Color) Images and Vegetation Index Maps
    • Digital Surface Model (DSM) and Chlorophyll Maps
    • Operates in Temperatures up to 50℃ (122℉)
    • Removable WiFi Module
    • SD Card Slot and Multiple Ports

    As low as: $5,500.00

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    MFG#:Parrot Sequoia+ with eBee X Integration Kit

    Quick Overview

    • Multispectral sensor for agricultural data collection
    • Global shutter for distortion free images
    • 64GB onboard storage for simple use
    • Great for covering large agricultural areas
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  4. SKU#: S-MICA-RED-M-INT-M100
    MFG#:Micasense RedEdge-M - Integration Kit For Matrice 100

    Quick Overview

    • RedEdge-M mounting kit for Matrice 100
    • Does not include Micasense RedEdge or Matrice 100
    • Easily Integrate your RedEdge-M
    • Some assembly required


4 Item(s)