Pix4DFields - Monthly Rental License

  • Advanced field mapping software for aerial crop analysis and digital farming
  • Consistent and comparable 3D maps throughout the season
  • Generate and share maps while in the field
  • Uniquely designed tools and apps for agriculture mapping


Collect images using a drone and any standard RGB or a selected multispectral camera like Parrot Sequoia+ & Micasense RedEdge-MX. You can also use a selected thermal camera like FLIR Vue Pro & Zenmuse XT.

Use the Pix4Dcapture app to easily plan and control your drone flight for optimal mapping.


Process any field imagery locally or in the cloud with the new instant processing agriculture software and get your maps 10x faster.


Generate precise orthomosaics, digital surface models, index 3D maps, zones, and accurate prescription maps.

Trim your fields to a desired field boundary to create more targeted outputs.


Visualize and understand your crop stages and stress levels.

Compare different layers of information for a full insight into your crop performance and use them to increase yields and reduce costs.


Share your maps instantly with all project stakeholders and team members for seamless collaboration.


Download all outputs and import into the Farming Management Software of your choice in various industry standard formats.

Why Pix4Dfields?

Convert full resolution images into consistent and comparable accurate 3D maps throughout the season.

With the new instant processing engine, generate and share high-resolution maps while you are in the field.

Optimize your workflow with uniquely designed tools and applications for precision agriculture mapping.

Discover Pix4Dfields

Inspect, analyze and visualize your crop changes all year round

Instant mapping
Generate maps instantly while in the field with the new processing engine. No internet required.

Generate indices
Use the predefined list of indices or plug in your own custom index formula to understand your plant stress better.

Zonate and prescribe
Aggregate the information from the vegetation index maps into zones and assign application rates.

Link different layers of information and compare your crop trends over time in a split or a double screen.

Draw and annotate
Focus your analysis only to your area of interest and highlight the crop ‘focus areas’ for a more in-depth inspection.

Make the invisible, visible

Import images from any drone, collected with standard RGB or selected multispectral cameras.

  • Multispectral Images
  • RGB Cameras & Drone Images
  • Modified cameras
  • Other cameras

Pix4DFields - Monthly Rental License

Pix4DFields - Monthly Rental License