PPK Activation License Micasense RedEdge-P

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  • Provides high-precision georeferencing for RedEdge-P sensor
  • Post-processing kinematic (PPK) technology for accurate data
  • Perfect for precision agriculture, mapping, and research
  • Ensures reliable and accurate aerial survey results
  • Easy activation and integration with RedEdge-P system

Enhance your Micasense RedEdge-P sensor's performance with the PPK Activation License, designed to provide high-precision georeferencing for your aerial surveys. This license activates post-processing kinematic (PPK) capabilities, allowing for centimeter-level accuracy in your data. Perfect for applications in precision agriculture, mapping, and research, the PPK Activation License ensures that your data is both accurate and reliable. Seamlessly integrate this license with your RedEdge-P sensor to take full advantage of advanced geospatial technologies and improve the efficiency of your field operations.

1x PPK Activation License Micasense RedEdge-P

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